We all have our own affectations but theirs are played out in front of us. But that doesn't stop us from being irritated by the superstars on our TV

We’re looking at things like Phil’s thumbs up, Bradley’s pre-shot hot-shoe shuffle, Casey’s wistful look into the distance after every single question. Alex Perry, Joe Hughes and Steve Carroll dive in..

Alex: How can anything about Philip Alfred Mickelson possibly annoy you? The man is a complete dork, but he’s a complete dork just living his best life and thoroughly entertaining us along the way. 

Paul Casey referring to himself as “PC” in interviews – “a lovely little putt from PC there” – has me throwing stuff at my TV. 

And when the camera cuts to a player addressing the ball, only for said player to then twitch for 45 seconds before pulling the trigger makes my teeth itch.

Joe: Alex Noren’s pre-shot routine seems to get longer every time I watch him and I just don’t get it. I get that everybody has their own little routines but I feel like it’s gone a little over the top these days.

Steve: I’d ban any use of the word ‘we’. You know: ‘we had a 3-iron into a tough wind’, or ‘we made birdie on 10’. I appreciate tournament golf is a team effort but until your caddie, or psychologist, starts hitting irons into greens on major Sunday it’s ‘I’.

My verdict: I must be mellowing in my old age as I find myself more amused by their bits and pieces rather than irritated. I used to really struggle with the way Ross Fisher used to rapidly retrieve his ball from the hole while simultaneously saluting the crowd or Jim Furyk seemingly being on the verge of hitting a putt before stepping away but, these days, I can see myself mimicking pretty much anything.

Any player who tees it up at a par 3 by merely knocking some turf up with the back of his club remains a rock star in my book.