A wraith-like sunset scene can make any holiday an exceptional one. It has become a trend for vacationers in recent years to position themselves as ‘sunset seekers’, going in search of the most striking dusk scene to remember an extraordinary vacation or experience. It is thought that each sunset is matchless – from the warmth infused hues to the brush-stroked clouds, each and every sunset sight delivers a one-off viewing experience. Prepare yourself to be mesmerised as you take a peek at the top sunset locations around the world.

Barcelona, Spain

A perfect melting pot of sports, nightlife, culture and more – Barcelona has something for everyone. There are loads of unique sunset spotting locations around the city. Most vacationers prefer to walk around the city in the evenings, taking in the sounds, sights and culture along with the setting sun. One of the most fascinating locations is over El Carmel Hill, which looks down on the flamboyant Gaudi-inspired settings. The wonderful sunset highlights the colours and hues of the entire area and completely sets the mood.

Cairo, Egypt

Is there anything more remarkable than experiencing a real Arabian adventure and watching the sun set across Cairo in Egypt? There are loads of places to choose from around this brilliant city and in the desert. One of the most common choices in Cairo is out at the famous Pyramids of Giza, with the shining setting sky as a background. Yet, many holidaymakers opt to view the sunset between camps and camels in the desert, as the brown sand seems to spark bright orange in the sunlight.

Dubai Creek, UAE

A tourist bucket list and a local favourite, catching the sunset across the Deira Creek in Dubai is an unbelievable experience. Many tourists choose to ride the water taxi – to take in all the sights and sounds of Old Dubai. The old area still has loads of life and entertainment. Plus, the golden rays gleam across the water when the sun sets and reflect from the nearby structures and through fishermen’s nets.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, UAE

The capital city of the UAE has plenty to offer in terms of luxury destinations and culture. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a majestic structure. The perky white marble ensures that the structure can be seen from a very far distance. The mosque is made with an exceptional lighting system to reflect the phases of the moon. The golden gleams from the sun bounce off the marble at sunset, creating an enthralling atmosphere.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

The Alpine adventure will never seem to astonish any explorer with exquisite cuisine, glimmering natural landscape and stunning views. For a truly enchanted experience for sunset explorers, gaze up to the iconic massive Matterhorn – the symbol of the Alpine region. There are loads of meals, day trips and guided excursions to choose from. Remember to spare enough spaces on your mobile or camera to capture the unbelievable sunset scene on the mountain.

Santorini, Greece

The outstanding Greek Island of Santorini is covered with picture perfect sunset locations and is popular world-over for this. The white-washed architecture, breath-taking views and ragged cliff towns offer sunset explorers an ethereal experience while enjoying the sunset dusk. Colours range from ivory-infused lavender to bright rose-tinted pinks, highlighted by the shining white of the island’s buildings and reflection of the Aegean Sea.


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