Looking for perfect golf clubs to satisfy your expectations, you will get across thousands of options. How to make the right choice when there are so many options? Choosing suitable clubs is only possible if the player considers all of the essential factors including:

  • Grip – you need to define which thickness suits your swing;
  • Shaft – when deciding on a shaft you need, you need to keep in mind your strength, build, and height;
  • Loft – this factor depends on your technique;
  • Clubhead – deciding on the size of clubhead you should keep in mind your skills levels.

This is not an easy task. However, there is a way to make a decision faster and easier! If you are not well-versed in the types and characteristics of golf clubs, the wisest choice would be to pick products from trusted manufacturers. Besides, there are many reviews available on the internet to help you decide.

What Clubs To Buy In 2019?

One of the best manufacturers out there is Adams Golf. The quality of the equipment they deliver is recognized all over the world!

Speaking specifically of clubs, Adams Golf offers a wide selection of items. Their clubs always get the highest scores in different reviews, while their hybrid irons are considered the best on the market! In this article, we have collected several Adams golf club reviews to help you pick the right option. Read further to learn, which clubs to opt for!

Idea A12#4

This club is one of the best options for amateurs and beginners as it comes at a pocket-friendly price. Still, despite its affordability, it is a reliable option that has several considerable advantages.


  • Pocket-friendly cost
  • Wide sweet spot
  • Forgiving
  • Improved launch
  • Velocity Slot Technology
  • Easy to hit
  • Offers higher launch


  • The quality of build may be a bit lower compared to other brands

Tight Lies Fairway Wood

Our next option comes within the same price range as Idea A12#4, so it should also fit any budget. It is perfect in terms of durability, adjustability, and style. Besides, it comes with several advanced features that really play a vital role in the course.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Excellent performance
  • Tri-level design
  • Reduced turf interaction
  • Perfect for hitting par 4’s and 5’s
  • Durability
  • Great style