Quick 9: Worst golf phrases to hear during a round

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The most common golf phrases that will haunt a player's dreams after a horror round

6. “It’s just a chip and a putt”

You’ve hit a solid drive down the fairway but your second shot, that looked destined for the green, comes up short. You know your short game is fairly rusty as you walk towards your ball knowing you’ll duff your third shot.

“Just a chip and a putt” comes from your playing partners mouth, heaping more pressure on your next shot.

The only thing you want to do now is hole your chip and give your partner the Poulter eyes.

What really happens is you just end up thinning your shot across the green and settle for a 5.

5. “That looked in all the way”

You’re standing over a putt that it in your head you’re making. You’re determined you’ve judged the right amount of break and judged the speed to perfection.

You hit the putt and it either comes up short or takes an unexpected break near the hole. As you look astonished as to how the ball didn’t find the bottom of the cup, one of your partners (who evidently can’t use a putter) comes out with “looked in all the way”.

You then try and prevent yourself from launching your putter in their direction.

4. “What did you score on that hole?”

You know you have had a bad hole when your mental arithmetic and short-term memory is put to the test as you walk away from the green.

You painstakingly do the sums in your head, ‘Three off the tee, four, five, in the water, seven, bunker, eight, off the back of the green, over to the side of the green, 11, 12’.

The next 17 holes are going to be painful.

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