There are certain words and phrases during a round that will send a shiver down the spine of a golfer. You will be hard pressed to play 18 holes without hearing one, if not all, of the golf phrases listed below uttered during your game.

Most are usually an indication of how badly a round is going, so they have all been inspired by my own personal experiences/failures on the course.

9. “Should have gone with a different club”

You’ve been contemplating what club to go with while you wait to take your shot. The winds swirling, your mind says one club but your heart says another.

You go for the one with the most loft and try to smash it. Your ball doesn’t move from the line of the flag but you come up short. Your playing partner then decides to come out with the most obvious fact…. “should have hit one more club”

8. “But I struck that really nice”

Your playing partner has taken a million practise swings and is certain their next shot is going to get near the flag.

Instead they nail a block 10 yards right of the green (nearly taking out the group on the next tee box) but think it’s wise to say “but I struck that really nice”.

Good observation but you could hit it ‘nice’ all the time but if you can’t hit it straight it’s no use to you.

7. “You get a shot here”

Your matchplay game is going relatively well and you’ve so far escaped any embarrassing moments. You then receive the information off your partner that this hole is where you get a shot on them.

In a moment of madness you panic over which club you should choose before opting for a hybrid or long iron and end up pulling one out of bounds and your opponent goes on to win the hole with ease.