1. We selected and then ranked 150 eligible courses in order of quality

2. We added each course’s ranking to its 2015 weekday green fee to give an overall score

3. We put these overall scores in order, with the lowest being the best


Example: The Jubilee course at St Andrews was ranked as the 42nd best course in our shortlist. The green fee was £75. That makes a total of 117, which is the 50th lowest. The Jubilee is therefore ranked 50th in our list.

Example:  West Hill in Surrey ranked 34th in the shorlist but had a green fee of £85, making a total of £119, which is the 54th lowest so therefore West Hill is 54th in the list.

Example:  West Hill, Dundonald and Little Aston all had an overall score of 119. In all these instances the course with the lowest postion in the shortlist resulted in a lower overall position.  Dundonald had the lowest postion of 24th in the shortlist so ranks at 52nd in the overall list with Little Aston 53rd and West Hill 54th.

Thanks to Formby Golf Cub for hosting our panel for the day in their wonderful clubhouse and making us so welcome.

My panellists Sean Arble, Jim Banting and Ed Battye for their time and expertise.

England’s Golf Coast’s Geoff Harris for his help in organising the day.