Top 100 golf courses under £100 in GB: 60 - 51

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See which courses ranked 60 - 51 in our Top 100 list of courses under £100


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Suffolk, England


Designer(s): James Braid
Weekday green fee: £55Â
+ Position: 68
Overall Score = 123

JB: Absolutely fantastic condition.

DM: Another of those courses unheralded nationally.

Commentary: Always an outstanding layout and location ” now the presentation is much improved to go with it.


Hampshire, England


Designer(s): Harry Colt
Weekday green fee: £60
+ Position: 63
Overall Score = 123

EB: I was amazed at how good it was. Really impressed.

JB: The early holes are tight among the tall pine, birch and fir trees with the back nine opening out impressively in scale and grandeur.

It is a quiet place, moving at its own serene pace, seemingly unaffected by the rest of the world. The course is over 100 years old and continues to stand the test of time for golfers of all levels.

It is just little over 6,000 yards but any drive even slightly astray, will invariable result in being blocked out for the approach. Knowing when to attack and when to take your punishment are lessons that need to be learned quickly.

Commentary: This gem of a Harry Colt design combines the best of woodland and heathland terrain that Hampshire can offer.


Norfolk, England


Designer(s): James Braid
Weekday green fee: £40
+ Position: 82
Overall Score = 122

DM: I played here for the first time in the spring ” it was a revelation. Great turf, great setting and a typically thoughtful Braid design.

EB: Surprisingly impressive. Traversing superbly, dry and fast-running terrain, this course is a real hidden gem.

Commentary: It is a sad fact of life that those who shout the loudest are heard the most. For us golfers, though, it means you can stumble across some well-kept secrets that are all the more enjoyable because your expectations are relatively modest.

So it is with Thetford, a homely Norfolk club set on the edge of Thetford Forest Park.

The facts of the matter are that this is a century-old James Braid-designed heathland that stretches to over 6,800 yards from the tips. What’s not to like?Â


Dorset, England


Designer(s): Harold Hilton
Weekday green fee: £85
+ Position: 35
Overall Score = 120

JB: The stunning heathland setting never disappoints.

DM: One of those classic English courses where you feel like you are stepping back in time.

Commentary: This heathland is impossibly pretty in places.


Gloucestershire, England


Designer(s): Unknown
Weekday green fee: £18
+ Position: 101
Overall Score = 119

SA: Cleeve Hill may be scoffed at because it’s a muni, but, like Castle Stuart, this is a great example of why width is so important if strategic design is to mean anything.

Commentary: Natural green sites in a Cotswolds setting.


Angus, Scotland


Designer(s): Old Tom Morris/Willie Park Jr
Weekday green fee: £60
+ Position: 59
Overall Score = 119

DM: We can only hope that those parts of Montrose at great threat from continuing coastal erosion are safeguarded successfully because it is rare even on a links that you get this close to the beach. I love playing here ” it’s the game stripped back to its roots.

EB: This is a nice course, and one that embodies everything that is good about links golf. What a great finishing stretch.

Commentary: One of the oldest courses and clubs in the world, and therefore to be treasured.  You start and finish in the town, just like you are supposed to, and in between venture out to the coast.

There is a spectacular run of holes in the front nine with sea views before a relatively sedate middle section. Then comes the run for home, which is thrilling and testing in places, with a couple of chances to make a late birdie as well.



Surrey, England


Designer(s): Cuthbert Butchart
Weekday green fee: £85
+ Position: 34
Overall Score = 119

DM: Very consistent, very pretty and just a lovely place.

JB: The short holes are the most memorable and often the key to a good score.

Commentary: One of the institutions of Surrey golf.


West Midlands, England


Designer(s): Harry Vardon/Harry Colt
Weekday green fee: £90
+ Position: 29
Overall Score = 119

SA: The turf is as good as on any heathland.

EB: The best parkland course I’ve ever played.

Commentary: A blend of subtle greens, obvious bunkering. old-fashioned earthworks and modern shaping.


Ayrshire, Scotland


Designer(s): Kyle Phillips
Weekday green fee: £95
+ Position: 24
Overall Score = 119

DM: A very fine course ” in design terms arguably superior to Kingsbarns.

JB: Since opening it has become a top links venue with tight, links turf and large, fast greens.

Commentary: Unanimous respect from our panel for this modern links.


Surrey, England


Designer(s): JF Abercromby
Weekday green fee: £80
+ Position: 38
Overall Score = 118

DM: I love the quirkiness and distinctiveness.

SA: Has what I would call four highly controversial holes; two of which (13 & 16) are among the very best in GB&I.

Commentary: So much character and variety.



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