Some of the finest players to grace the game ply their trade in the United States. The beautiful courses in the States generally do not have the tricky bunkers of links golf in Great Britain, but it still takes a huge amount of skill to turn a potentially tricky shot into a favourable one.

Watch in wonder at some of the greatest bunker shots from the USA in our list below.

10. John Daly, 2004 Buick Invitational

If you replicated this shot from John Daly at the weekend with your friends then it would require a lot more than an obligatory “well out” from your playing partners. Great technique from the big man.

9. Tim Clark, 2012 The Players

Did anyone see this shot making its way into the hole? Tim Clark is a fair distance away from the hole and the ball seemingly changes direction several times, but it eventually finds its way into the cup and with some pace.

8. Tiger Woods, 2002 PGA Championship

Mere mortals would be happy just chipping the ball out of this bunker and back onto the fairway. However, not when you are Tiger Woods. Facing a difficult lie and tall trees guarding the approach to the green, Woods miraculously lands the ball not far from the pin. He would sink his putt for a superb birdie.

7. David Frost, 1990 USF&G Classic

Whatever happened to the good old star jump? Well, David Frost made excellent use of it here as he celebrated his long-range bunker effort flying into the hole. That jump needs to be brought back, along with “whazup!” and the moonwalk.

6. Zach Johnson, 2012 John Deere Classic

OK, that bunker looks just as smooth as the fairway next to it, but Zach Johnson still deserves huge praise for executing this shot. The 2015 Open champion laughs at the water hazard protecting the green as his beautifully controlled shot stops just inches from the hole.

5. Tiger Woods, 2000 Bell Canadian Open

Many people consider this to be one of Tiger Woods’ greatest ever shots. The fresh-faced youngster landed his drive in the bunker and then did something unexpected. Happy with his lie, Woods smashed a 6-iron towards the green and over the water protecting the green. The ball landed on the fringe but that doesn’t matter when you consider the sheer guts it took for Woods to take the shot on.

4. Jim Furyk, 2001 NEC Invitational

Mr 58 himself has played some tasty bunker shots down the years, but not many could top this effort. The shot required a deft touch and Furyk got it spot on. Cue the running fist pump celebration.

3. Tiger Woods, 1998 Doral-Ryder Open

Firing a shot right at the pin from the fairway is as good it gets for most golfers. But Tiger Woods, and a very young one in this case, can do that while stuck in a bunker.

2. Phil Mickelson, 2006 Memorial Tournament

We couldn’t write something on the best bunker shots without including ‘Lefty’, the master of the short game. The plugged lie that Mickelson was faced with on this shot would have sent me into a cold sweat. “No problemo” was probably the thought that went through Mickelson’s mind as his stepped over the ball…

1. Paul Azinger, 1993 Memorial Tournament

This shot is too cheeky. It required a great amount of technique, the kind that takes hours of practice, and delicacy. Paul Azinger absolutely nailed it.

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