Top 10: Best beards in professional golf

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When facial hair takes over, the real men come out to play...

All men out there will at some point attempted to, or wish they could, go native and grow a beard that would rival Zeus himself.

It’s almost a rite of passage.

When the whiskers start to get ungainly and out of control it can be uncomfortable enough, but imagine a full chin strap when it’s 35C during a round…in Dubai!

Therefore in homage to the Novembeard movement we’ve picked out the best beards in the game, so you don’t have to…

10. Old Tom Morris



Golf’s original beard, and some might say best, but we feel it would be too obvious to pick the main man Morris as the best beard to ever grace the game. Nevertheless, it’s exquisite isn’t it? Imagine how soft it would have been.

9. Ryan Moore



The ultimate lazy man facial hair. It suits Ryan down to the ground, it’s the colour that makes this a top attempt. Nice and dark with a hint of sun bleached blonde.

8. Raphael Jacquelin



If you’ve got the jawline, and the minerals to sport a silver beast, then Raphael is your new role model. We’d expect nothing more than stylish facial fluff from the Frenchman.

7. Graeme McDowell



The care and attention shown by the Northern Irishman is why his modest attempt makes it into our top 10. Not a hint of neck hair, the perfect ’designer’ beard if you will.

6. Alvaro Quiros



Looking like an extra in 300, or even King Leonidas’ right hand man, Alvaro adds Latin flavour to our list with one of the darkest beards I’ve ever seen. It’s like charcoal. If the Spaniard ever gets bored of golf he could easily play Blackbeard in a movie, and we’d pay to see it.

5. Joey Garber



You might not have heard of Joey, he’s still a relative rookie to the Tour. Despite this, he certainly isn’t a novice in the facial hair stakes. The biggest beard on our list, we like to see this, a younger player sporting full lumberjack mode beard. Keep it up Joey.

4. Graham DeLaet



Canada and beards go together. It’s a thing. Lumberjacks, mountain ranges and now Graham DeLaet. The rate at which Graham went from clean shaven, to full on pirate, was nothing short of a miracle. There must be something in the water in Canada.

3. Retief Goosen



Short lived, but this is the ultimate ’dad beard’. The South African does it for the continent with his effort from way back in 2008. Look how happy he is! You could be this happy too. Just throw away your razor…you’ll thank us later.

2. Shane Lowry



Maybe Shane had some advice from Graeme McDowell to help disguise a moon face? Either way Shane’s beard is attached to one of the most smiley men in golf. It’s like the perfect combination. Big beard, smiley face. We just hope it ’matures’ like Shane’s golf game has in the past year.

1. Lucas Glover



Although Lucas has since got rid of his facial hair, he had the perfect combination of density, colour and sideburn to be crowned the best beard golf has ever seen. It’s not just about the length. The density and facial coverage is second to none, he’s not chin heavy or lacking coverage under the lip. The former US Open winner even gives Robert Rock a run for his money in the barnet stakes, but we’ll leave that for another time.

Notable mentions



Hunter Mahan



We applaud the effort, but it’s untidy and a little too ’ginge’ for our liking. We’ve all tussled with the rouge in the facial region. But fair play to Hunter for trying to make it work.

Thomas Bjorn



We don’t know what is happening with the colours in the Dane’s beard to be honest. It’s like a patchwork attempt. Brown, red, grey and white. Keep it to just stubble Tommy.

Jeff Langum



Another on this list you might not have heard of (but should have). Jeff Langum is the owner of the World’s Best Beard. Having won the accolade at the 2013 World Beard & Moustache Championships, he is officially the best at growing hair from his face. But how does that tie-in with golf you ask? Well it turns out he’s an avid golfer. He has to tuck his beard into his shirt so it doesn’t get in the way whilst he’s playing, so what’s your excuse for not growing yours out?

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