Do not feed the animals…

We’ve ranked ten of the best (or worst depending on who you ask!) animal encounters in the world of golf.

10. Pablo Larrazabal attacked by hornets

The Spaniard was on the cut-line at the 2014 Malaysian Open – when he was attacked by the insects whilst coming down the 5th hole. Made all the more puzzling by the fact that he hadn’t disturbed a nest! What was quite funny to begin with became a bit more painful for the Catalan player, as he was stung 20 times – with him having to leap into a nearby lake to escape.

Despite all this he went on to birdie the hole!

9. Baby bear plays with course flag



British Columbia has its fair share of wildlife – but bears on a golf course? That’s not that common right?

Well this baby bear decided to ’tend the flag’ at Fairmont Hot Springs resort – and eat one players ball – it probably was deserved with him using a fluorescent yellow effort.

8. Peter Uihlein attacked by a frog


Yes. You read that correctly.

The American was merely trying to get up-and-down from the side of a tee box at the 2014 KLM Open when a frog turned fierce and decided to take matters further.

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“I don’t like frogs,” said Uihlein of the incident.

Click here  to see the full video courtesy of the European Tour.

7. Luke Donald gets chased by a baboon


The European Tour spends some time at some of South Africa’s most spectacular courses – where wildlife and the sport collide.

But at the 2014 Nedbank Challenge – the former World Number One – saw a baboon from a little closer than he would like.

Whilst lining up a shot at the Sun City club, Donald was alerted by his caddie to the oncoming animal and promptly got out of the way!

6. Paul Casey has his ball stolen…by a dog


The Englishman was going through a bit of a rough patch during 2012 and at the Alfred Dunhill Links during his round a dog ran onto the 12th green at Kingsbarns and picked up his ball whilst Casey had been lining up an eagle putt.

He reportedly asked the dog to drop the ball closer to the hole, but instead of being obedient he ran off before a spectator caught the ball thief on the 13th and retrieved Casey’s original ball.

“It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever had happen on a golf course,” Casey said of the incident . “I noticed the dog on the 12th tee and he sort of followed us down the fairway before taking a real liking to my golf ball.”

Proving what a nice guy he is, Casey even gave the ball back to the dog as he was walking off the green.

5. Brian Gay’s caddie takes on an alligator

We applaud Kip Henley, who during the 2012 RBC Heritage opening round decided that a greenside alligator was no match for a rake.

With Gay making a slightly wayward shot close to the edge of the water, the alligator emerged from the lake to defend its turf.
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But the toothy reptile was no match for a caddie with a rake, and Henley quickly dispatched of the scaly foe with a quick push and some arm shaking.

Click here to see the full video courtesy of the PGA Tour.

4. John Peterson – alligator wrangler



Growing up in Louisiana – PGA Tour player John Peterson knows a little bit about ’gators.

When his playing partner James O’Driscoll hit a wayward shot near a pond, and right where an alligator had come to rest, the American decided to lend a helping hand (and rake) to move things along.

“We catch gators at my home course, it’s a regular occurrence in Louisiana,” Peterson said. “We see them almost daily where I practice and where I hang out.”

“It was a six- or seven-footer. It wasn’t life-threatening, so I figured I would move it so James Driscoll could play.”

Seven-foot alligator, not life threatening?!

Click here to see the full video.

3. Kangaroos delay ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open



Weather can often cause delays in play, but animals? A huge troop of kangaroos decided to  bound through proceedings at the 2013 Australian Women’s Open where play was delayed until the animals were cleared.

At least nobody tried to box them…

Click here to see the full video.

2. A seagull steals Steve Lowery’s ball at TPC Sawgrass



At the 1998 Players Championship the American Lowery was the victim of one of the most bizarre animal incursions on the PGA Tour.

At the infamous 17th hole, Lowery played his shot onto the island green, only to have a seagull take a liking to his ball and pick it up.

The bird then flew off with the ball and dropped it in the adjacent lake.

Lowery was allowed to replace his ball with no penalty.

Click here to see the full video.

1. Goose goes ape at golfer



Geese can be nasty creatures at times.

Even more so when they attack golfers, as this video from America’s Funniest Home videos demonstrates.

The innocent golfer decides to look for his ball in a nearby lake, when the winged beasts takes umbrage and pecks, nips and chases our hapless player until he trips and falls.

We think that the goose is annoyed about not getting any scoring mention – and is jealous of those eagles and albatrosses…

Click here to see the full video.
Notable mentions

Chubbs Peterson loses hand to alligator

In 1965 Sports Illustrated said Peterson was going to be the next Arnold Palmer

At a tournament in Florida, Peterson hooked his ball into the rough by a lake, an alligator popped up and bit off the young players hand.

He was able to remove one of the animals eyes – but due to his injury was unable to return to the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods and ‘Sammy’ the squirrel
The 14-time Major winner had a close encounter with a squirrel courtesy of Davis Love III and his former girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at the 2013 Presidents Cup.

Rumours about the squirrel stealing all of Tiger’s abilities are said to be unfounded.

Watch the video here courtesy of the PGA Tour.