Titleist's key to consistency

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The market-leading ball manufacturers have a simple tip to improve your consistency...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend Titleist’s European media launch for their new ball range*.

We were joined by Bill Morgan – the company’s head of ball research and development – and Mary Lou Bohn, vice president of golf ball marketing for Titleist.

The well-informed duo opened the floor to questions after presenting the new products and began busting myths.

One of the most interesting points they raised was in connection with research they conducted in the States.

They said that a whopping 68 per cent of golfers carry three or more different ball models in their bag.

Mary Lou Bohn explained that anyone wanting to improve their consistency should use just one model.

“It seems simple – like low-hanging fruit,” she said.

“But performance differs on the scoring shots between balls. If you use the same ball for every shot you know exactly how it is going to react for all the shots you hit.”

*Titleist are launching four exciting new models to sit underneath their famous Pro V1 line – click here to read a brief overview of the new releases.

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