James Savage was lucky enough to get a Titleist wedge fitting with Bob Vokey himself at Bearwood Lakes.

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Custom-fitting is now an essential part of getting the right gear in your golf bag.

There has never been more adjustability in drivers and fairway woods which means it is vital to get the right specs and setting for your golf game.

I think it is quite rare for the club golfer to purchase a new driver now without getting it custom-fit.

But how many of us get fitted properly for wedges?

Titleist wedge fitting is more common than with most brands but the answer will still be not many for a couple of reasons.

For a start, not many manufacturers or indeed, club shop PGA professionals offer proper custom-fitting for wedges.

And I don’t think club golfers realise that there is more to wedges than simply selecting the right loft.

How many times will you hit driver during a round? Usually a maximum of 14.

How many shots do you play with a wedge in your hand? I’d be surprised if the number was less and these are scoring clubs which can make a real difference.

When it comes to a Titleist wedge fitting, it is not possible to find more loft, bounce and grind options than those offered in the Titleist Vokey range.


Bob Vokey himself has created six unique grind options throughout the range which will suit particular techniques, turfs and/or bunkers.

Bob has carried out a Titleist wedge fitting for some of the world’s best players into wedges including Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods.

Bob has now taken up a different role to spend more time working with amateurs to help educate them on the benefits of a proper Titleist wedge wedge fitting.

What happens at a Titleist Wedge Fitting?

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to meet Bob for a Titleist wedge fitting at Bearwood Lakes in Surrey.

Now after working with some of the greatest players ever to pick up a golf club, what would Bob make of a 17 handicapper like me?


Thankfully, short game is one of my better attributes so I wasn’t too overwhelmed.

The first stage of the fitting was to identify what gapping would be best for me.

Bob watched me hit a few full and three quarter-length shots, asked me for some feedback on how they felt and then we worked though some of the different grind options.

He claims that simply talking to the player, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses are the essential elements of a Titleist wedge fitting.

If you are in the market for some new wedges – don’t just think about lofts and looks. And when it comes to actually hitting the wedges it’s all about which options feel the best.

What grind options are there in a Titleist wedge fitting?

We agreed that the S-grind was a good option for me in the 54-degrees as it worked well on full and three-quarter length shots.

The S-grind is a mid-bounce option (10 degrees) so also pretty versatile around the greens and for longer bunker shots.

When we moved to the bunker, a 58 degree K-grind option was working well through the sand but I also found it to be great lob-wedge option even from a tight lie.

The cambered sole allowed me to open up the face but still get underneath.

Bob is not a PGA pro but was able to give me a few simple tips to make sure I was making good contact with the ball.


Titleist Vokey wedges have been the most successful on Tour because the world’s best players have been able to get properly dialed in.

What happened in Jordan Spieth’s Titleist Wedge Fitting?

Jordan Spieth, for example, has four  Vokey Wedges in the bag 46, 52, 56, 60 – all with different grind options which give him the versatility he needs.

But it’s important for club golfers too. True, we don’t all hit the middle of the club every time, but when we do make a good swing we want to get the desired result.

“Every player has a different technique, so that’s why we offer so many options. One wedge doesn’t work for everybody, said Bob.

For example, more bounce means a greater angle between the sole of the club and the ground which will suit those who attack the ball from a steeper angle.

It is also better suited to softer turf.

But you really need to spend time with a good fitter to find the right combinations.

After my fitting, I felt like I had some wedges which could be used from a variety of different scenarios.

You need that out on the golf course as that is exactly what you will be faced with.

If you are in the market for some new wedges – don’t just think about lofts and looks.

The more time you put into getting the right specs for your game, the more you will get out of your wedges on the golf course.