Which Titleist golf ball should you be playing this season?

Your golf ball is the only piece of equipment you hit on every shot, but how much do you think about with model you are putting in play?

It can be very easy to end up playing a product simply because it is the one you have always gamed, but perhaps there is another model that would more optimally suit your game. I put three of Titleist’s less-used models head to head to see what performance benefits they provide.

Titleist Velocity vs TruFeel vs AVX: NCG Verdict

This trio has a lot of options when it comes to switching up the look of your golf ball. The Titleist AVX is available in white and yellow and has the classic arrowed logo for alignment.

Titleist velocity golf balls

The Titleist TruFeel has its signature red numbering and writing, as well as a block surrounding the logo to help with alignment.

My favourite side stamp came from the Velocity. The thicker black logo felt like I already had a sharpie line drawn on my ball. This was great for alignment when putting.

The Titleist Velocity is also throwing some new interesting matte colours at us this year: orange, green and blue which is fun and different. So if you like a brightly coloured golf ball, this could be right up your street.

The Titleist AVX feels the softest at impact. This is closely followed by the TruFeel and then finally the Velocity.

Titleist Velocity golf balls

The Titleist AVX and the Titleist TruFeel have similar softness, which is excellent for control around the greens. Contrastingly, the Titleist Velocity golf balls feel much harder at impact but have great spring off the face, which is great for gaining distance but not so great for short game shots.

I saw the most distance gains when using the Titleist Velocity. On average, it carried 17 yards further than the AVX and 3 yards further than the TruFeel. My longest shots carried 227 yards, 15 yards longer than I got out of the TruFeel and 23 yards longer than my longest shot with the AVX.

Titleist velocity golf balls

The Titleist AVX reduced my driver carry distance slightly, which was a little disappointing, but it makes up for it in the feel department.

The Titleist AVX and TruFeel both spun well especially when hitting pitch shots into the green. However, the Velocity had a very low spin rate and I found it hard to control when hitting into greens with longer irons and even when hitting 60-yard pitch shots. From 60 yards I was getting up to 40 feet of roll out.

Titleist Velocity golf balls

If you like to have control and spin with your shorter shots, the AVX or TruFeel may be a better fit for you than the Titleist Velocity golf balls. Having said that, the Velocity would be an excellent choice if you don’t generate much spin on the ball and prefer to hit low chip and run shots.

The Titleist TruFeel golf ball is the cheapest offering of the three, coming in at £24 for a dozen. Given the extra distance this provided and the fact my spin wasn’t excessively lower than the AVX with this. I feel this would be the best value for the money of the bunch.

Titleist Velocity vs TruFeel vs AVX: NCG Summary

If you’re looking for a soft feel whilst still gaining distance and tightening up your game the Titleist AVX may be for you. This has more advanced technology and sits just below the Pro V1 range giving you high-performance benefits.

If you are looking for a ball that still has that very soft feel and control without spending too much money the Titleist TruFeel is a great option. For just £24 a dozen we saw high quality and consistency on all shots. What a steal!

Finally, if distance is what you are looking for the Titleist Velocity golf balls are definitely worth testing. They provide a high launching ball flight and extra distance at a great price.

More information: Titleist website

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Hannah Screen

Hannah Screen has recently turned professional after a successful amateur career, she has represented England at junior and ladies' levels and played golf for the University of Oklahoma. She recently graduated with a degree in journalism and is currently splitting her time playing tournament golf, and testing golf equipment, mainly golf balls.

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