Titleist TS2 v Ping G400 Max v TaylorMade M4: The results

Firstly, the Ping G400 Max has been in my bag for a good six months so is very much in the driving seat (pun intended) here.

It’s going to take something special to remove it because I have probably driven the ball better this year than at any point previously.

So I’d be mad to make a switch.

But I’m constantly seduced by new products and feel it’s my duty to use them.

When looking at the launch monitor numbers we can see that the TS2 has delivered on it’s promise of adding some extra ball speed and distance.

Titleist TS2 v Ping G400

This is a very significant move from Titleist who had previously focused on getting golfers properly dialled in rather than going toe-to-toe with others on pure ball speed and distance.

So we can see a slight jump in speed and distance from the Ping to the TaylorMade then the TaylorMade to the Titleist.

Spin and launch rates are all pretty similar.

And from my experience of using these drivers I’d be hard pushed to say one was more forgiving than the other.

Hitting driver is often about confidence and I think a lot of driver confidence comes from having a good shaft.

I feel comfortable with the three shafts I have used here but the new Project X Smoke shaft in the Titleist TS2 seems to really suit me.

Titleist TS2 v Ping G400 Max v TaylorMade M4: NCG verdict

Looking at the launch monitor numbers alone, it’s a victory for the Titleist TS2.

But I’m yet to be convinced it can help me hit more fairways than the Ping G400 Max.

I have used the TS2 for a couple of non-competition rounds and have liked what I’ve seen.

But I feel like the set-up of the TS2 is going to allow me to hit my best drives when I’m swinging it well.

I feel like the slightly lighter and softer shaft, along with the confidence-inspiring head, of the Ping G400 Max is going to work for me when I’m not 100 per cent.

The TaylorMade M4 is like a mistress who I’m always going to be tempted by and know I will enjoy.

But I’m not going to pursue the relationship. I am going to keep her number in my phone.

More information can be found on the Titleist, Ping and TaylorMade websites