Titleist have launched the putter Adam Scott won the Masters with.

The Australian describes the Scotty Cameron Futura X as ‘the most stable’ he has ever used and played a big part in designing it.

Indeed, it was being tweaked right up until he won the green jacket at Augusta.
Scott said: “I worked with Scotty and his team at the Studio for many hours at the end of last year and we worked hard to get it right.

“It was definitely a long process and I provided considerable feedback based on my performance with it under the gun.”

It obviously worked, but what makes it so stable and solid?

Titleist say it’s the precision-milled aluminium head, which combines a balance bar with deep heel-toe weights and weight under the face. In theory at least, this offers a low centre of gravity which provides a brilliant roll and prevents it from moving on mis-hits.

“For me, the key to the performance of the putter is the perfect combination of perimeter weighting, high MOI and solid feel,” said Scott.

“I have never had more confidence in a putter or my stroke than I do right now with the new Futura X.”
"I have never had more confidence in a putter or my stroke than I do right now with the new Futura X." – 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott Designer Scotty Cameron explained which sort of player he expects to perform best with the Futura X.

“I like to describe Futura X as a lethargic putter, for those golfers that need a slow, steady stroke that doesn’t jump around a lot,” he said.

“It’s the perfect design for Adam, and will give confidence to all golfers that want stability during the stroke and less hand manipulation.

“Futura X is what I call a ‘force balanced’ design,” Cameron added.

“While the putter has a near-face balanced shaft configuration that would normally produce a slight toe hang, there’s so much weight off the back of the putter that it forces the face to hang flat. The rear balance bar allows us to add considerable weight a fairly long distance away from the shaft axis, which is really what drives the high MOI.”

Simply put, if you want a jabber that will essentially swing itself, but don’t want to sacrifice feel and finesse, this is for you.

Details and specifications

In shops: August 1, 2013
SRP: £279
Loft: 3.5˚
Lie: 70˚
Lengths: 33, 34 & 35″
LH option? Yes
Finish: Frozen titanium
Head material: 6061 T6 aluminium
Neck: Double-bend
Offset: One shaft
Toe flow: Minimum
Grip: Pistolero
Custom loft: +/- 1˚
Custom lie: +/- 2˚