How does the Titleist Premium Carry Bag perform on the course? Steve Carroll put one over his shoulders and went to find out

“Walk in style and comfort”. So Titleist say of the latest iteration of their Premium Carry Bag, which they insist is “ultra-lightweight with even more features”. Have the company improved their stellar Sunday bag? We took it to the course to find out…

Titleist Premium Carry Bag Review: NCG Summary

Titleist Premium Carry Bag review
5 star review

The Titleist Premium Carry Bag really is the gold standard in ‘Sunday’ offerings. Ludicrously light, and maintaining the extremely comfortable double shoulder strap system, the integrated mini-legs have taken this product to a new level. Five pockets and the sort of three-way top cuff you’d expect to see on a much larger stand bag mean space for your clubs and essentials is never an issue. It’s quite amazing how much Titleist have managed to pack into something so compact. If you like to carry, this could well become your go-to bag.


  • Ridiculously light – at under 3lbs – but doesn’t skimp on features.
  • Mini-manual legs, and so the ability to half stand this bag up, is a game-changer for this product.
  • Three-way cuff means you won’t be trying to jam your clubs into a tight space. You can easily get a full set in here.
  • Five pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket, will allow you to pack all your essentials.


  • Premium price may be off-putting to some potential customers.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

Now: £120

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Titleist Premium Carry Bag review: First Impressions

Cards on the table. I’ve been a long-time admirer of Titleist’s compact carry – or ‘Sunday’ – bags. This is the fifth version I’ve taken out onto a golf course and, when I’m going on a long trip where car space is an issue, it’s always been my go-to product.

But when I pick this up, I notice something fundamentally new straight away. That’s right, legs! This Titleist Premium Carry Bag has two mini-deployable legs that are about a third of the size you’d expect to see on a stand bag.

Also new is the top cuff handle, which looks like it’s been deployed straight from some of Titleist’s larger models, and a new zipping system, which is much larger and wider than on previous models.

At 2.8lbs, it’s still ludicrously light and the padded double strap is designed to bear any weight with ease. There are five pockets in all, the main one being full-length to store apparel, and a large drinks sleeve also seems to stand out more prominently this time around.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag review

Titleist Premium Carry Bag review: NCG Review

I used to get nervous with compact carry bags in inclement conditions. I just didn’t want to get them wet. Even with those tiny mini-legs that were designed to hold it fractionally off the turf, I was forever fretting that the whole thing would soon be soaking and my clothes along with it.

I can consign those fears to history. On testing the Titleist Premium Carry Bag during mid-April at York Golf Club, you find the new deployable legs come into their own. This is essentially a smaller stand bag now, combining all the features you’d expect in a much larger product at a fraction of the size and weight.

This big sits comfortably off the turf and is simple to put into a folded position. You won’t knock this bag forward as you would with a stand bag to deploy the legs, you’ll need to put them into position yourself, but this is not an inconvenience in any way if you’ve been used to manoeuvring a ‘Sunday’ bag around in the past.

Another huge plus in this iteration are the new YKK zippers. If I’ve had one consistent criticism of previous models it is that the full-length apparel pocket, in particular, used to catch.

That was quite an irritation when out on the course and I was frantically trying to free it without ripping the pocket. The zips themselves are also now much bigger, and better quality. I’ve given it a good go – fast zipping and un-zipping and, so far, it has been a completely clean connection.

The top of the bag looks almost identical to Titleist’s larger carry stand bags. The top cuff handle makes it easier to lift – you can get a good handful – if you’re just looking to shift it without necessarily engaging the shoulder straps.

The three-way divide really is excellent too. I’m not sure you’re supposed to try and get 14 clubs into a bag of this stature, but I managed to fit them all in with some room to spare.

Five pockets prove plenty too – more than enough space to hold a waterproof top in the apparel pocket, as many balls and tees as you’d want to carry, along with ball-markers and accessories.

The umbrella holder isn’t too thick, either, so you can get your rangefinder and membership tag on their too if you wish.

It’s just so comfortable, The shoulder straps rest, rather than impinge, and you’ll conserve energy if you enjoy carrying when lofting the Titleist Premium Carry Bag around the course.

They’ve thought of all kinds of little things in this product. For example, when it’s across your shoulders, the drinks sleeve faces you and your hand naturally falls towards it. Small things, right? But massively convenient when you quickly want to take a slug on a hot day.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag review

Titleist Premium Carry Bag: Final thoughts

The Titleist Premium Carry Bag is a quality product. At £120, you’ll be able to get hold of full-size stand bags at a similar price and maybe that will put some of you off. But if you’re space conscious, prefer a more compact look, or are looking for a bag that is extremely lightweight and has all the functionality of a larger model then you can’t go wrong here.

Could it do with a rain hood? Possibly, but I feel it would detract from the overall style of the bag and would probably take up some space you’d want to utilise in another way.

Overall, though, the Titleist Premium Carry bag oozes quality, has been genuinely enhanced by its new features, and is an excellent addition to your golf armoury.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag: The Details

Available: Now.

RRP: £120

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What do you think of the Titleist Premium Carry Bag and Titleist carry bags in general? Let me know with a tweet.

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