Everyone knows Titleist for their premium Pro V1 ball range, which is designed for the ultimate in performance and dominates the professional game.

Their latest launch may change that – they’ve released four new balls created for different abilities and budgets.

Headlining the new launch is the new NXT Tour and NXT Tour S. These balls fit in between premium and mid-range at £34 a dozen and offer low driver spin for distance and high short iron spin for control.

The difference between the two varieties is compression – the Tour S is softer.

Titleist have also updated their cheapest ball – the DT Solo, which is designed to offer the longest distance possible at the softest compression possible. Simply put, it offers those on a budget (it’s just £21 a dozen) extreme distance and buttery feel.

The final ball in the new launch is a brand new name – Velocity.

Featuring a new core and cover material unique to Titleist, it is a distance-driven mid-range (£28 for 12) ball designed to maximise initial ball speed on full shots yet offer feel and control on short shots.

Expect to see the new lineup in pro shops from March. Visit www.titleist.co.uk for more information.


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