“I don’t use premium balls because I can’t compress them,” is something I hear on a regular basis at my club.

And until yesterday I have never seen fault in that statement.

At a media launch for four new Titleist models*, the man behind the market-leading balls, Bill Morgan, explained that all players compress the ball to some degree and can therefore get the most out of their games by using a premium model.

“There is definitely a difference between how a tour player compresses it and how a low-speed player does, but it’s not that much,” said Morgan.

“Every single golfer compresses the ball on every shot and the difference is almost indistinguishable when you look at high speed photos at impact.

“The thing is, no one single part of the ball determines the performance or distance – the multiple construction elements – the core, cover and dimple design for example – do.”

Morgan went on to explain how the majority of shots hit by the average player are within 100 yards, too – the area in which the softer covers and higher spin rates on premium balls come into their own.

There’s no doubting it’s more expensive, but if you want more control and better scores, think about investing in a premium ball next time you stock up.

*Titleist are launching four exciting new models to sit underneath their famous Pro V1 line – click here to read a brief overview of the new releases.


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