New Titleist ball just £21 a dozen

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Titleist have re-designed the DT Solo to offer performance on a budget...

Titleist’s ball range is very simple to understand; the more you pay, the more performance you get.

With that in mind you’d expect the DT Solo – their cheapest ball – to offer very little.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

New features of the 2012 DT Solo include a soft and fast core, which generates lots of distance while maintaining soft feel, a surlyn cover that boosts spin and feel off the clubface, dimples that promote a penetrating, low flight, and a new yellow version for those who want to see the ball through the air easier.

Simply put, this ball offers players of all abilities top-quality performance at less than £2 a ball.


SRP: £21 for 12
t: 01480 301 114

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