“Wonderful shapes that really look the part but are much less intimidating than you would expect. If they seem too much in the long irons there is lots of potential to  blend them with the more forgiving AP2s.” DM
“They feel superb and sound even better. After a few swings I totally trusted them. Definitely playable.” MT
“They look much harder to hit than they are. The cavity design really helps you out on mis-hits. Saying that, you can certainly feel when you don’t quite catch them!” JW


TESTED: December 2011
TESTERS: Dan Murphy (3hcp), Mark Townsend (7hcp), Joe Whitley (9hcp)
SRP: £110 per iron
SHAFT: Dynamic Gold
GRIP: Tour Velvet
LOFTS: 3-iron 21°; 6-iron 31°; PW 47°
w: titleist.co.uk
t: 01480 301 114