McIlroy makes 913 fairway switch

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It's out with the old, in with the new for the World No 1...

Rory McIlroy is a marketer’s dream in many ways, but one that best suits his equipment sponsors Titleist (besides his immense talent and winning habit) is how he almost always uses current kit.

However, up until very recently, the World No 1 had six-year-old fairway woods – the 906F2s – in his bag.

This is not a rarity – many professionals struggle to find a fairway wood that they like so it is not uncommon to see old models milling about – but it was certainly something Titleist wanted to rectify.

They successfully did so at the start of the FedEx cup play-offs when they introduced Rory to the 913 fairway woods.

According to the Team Titleist blog, Rory was given four models to choose from and eventually settled on two 913Fd woods – 13.5 & 18˚ – with the same shaft – Fujikura ZCom Pro shaft (95g, x stiff)- as his previous model.

We have no rock-solid information yet, but if the 913 line is  in any way similar to its predecessors, the d version of the fairway woods are lower spinning with deeper, larger heads.

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