Titleist 913 D2
JW: I really like this driver head from a personal perspective. And I know from fitting good players into it that they do too.
JL: It sits very nicely. It’s consistent, it repeats well, and I know I can trust it. I’d put this in my bag straight away.
Titleist 913 D3
DM: This is a great-looking driver. It just sits so square and makes you think you’re going to hit the ball solidly and straight. Fantastic acoustics as well – powerful yet not harsh. On the day, this was actually the longest on test for me which shows a) what a great driver it is and b) the benefits of a good custom-fit, as I had been down to Titleist’s National Fitting Centre at St Ives.


SRP: £344
w: titleist.co.uk
TESTERS: James Whitaker (JW, pro), Johnny Lawrence (JL, scratch), Dan Murphy (DM, 4)