“So much easier to use than previous Titleist drivers. It is fast off the face and offers a really strong flight. Although easier to hit than previous models, I doubt it has the same aesthetic appeal at address.” DM
“It seemed to point a touch left to me – which isn’t trademark Titleist – but the sound is as good as anything out there and the distance is superb.” MT
“An excellent driver – the head looks good, the flight is strong, and the way it lets you shape the ball will appeal to better players. I was very impressed by this.” JaW


TESTED: May 2011
TESTERS: James Whitaker (pro), Dan Murphy (3hcp), Mark Townsend (7hcp), Joe Whitley (9hcp)
SRP: £305  LH? Yes
LOFTS: 8.5, 9.5 & 10.5˚
STANDARD SHAFT: Five available, including three from Diamana
w: titleist.co.uk
t: 01480 301 114