All golfers can be guilty of taking the game a bit too seriously at times.

But it’s supposed to be fun and we can’t think of any area of the game where you can have more fun than the short-game.

When I think about short-game skills and great escapes, one name springs to mind – Phil Mickelson.

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The left-hander has a habit of getting up and down from the most ridiculous places.

So it’s no coincidence that Phil is the most exciting player to watch.

You can often be faced with tough challenges on the golf course. The logical and sensible option is to ‘take your medicine’ and try not to do anything high-risk.

But where’s the fun in that?

I’ve been working with Scott Oxley, head teaching pro at J Whitaker Golf, Moor Allerton, for just under a year and he’s helped me knock about six shots off my handicap.

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There’s still some technical areas we can improve but we decided to have a bit of fun this week by going head-to-head in a Great Escape Challenge.

We both played a variety of difficult escape shots and whoever got closest to the pin won that particular challenge.

Click on the video to see who came out on top.

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