Alejandro Canizares tips

When I struggle from sand I see the ball spinning to the right a lot. Not too long ago you were always taught to open up to the target, feet pointing well to the left and to cut through the shot but that makes you have to give the shot more power.

So I always try to square myself up to the target. You can still have loft on the club and be square to the hole. Get your weight on the left side but not just by leaning forward – I want the hips and the belt to be flat to the ground.

Alejandro Canizares

Alejandro Canizares tips

Then I want the sand to get the ball out of the bunker, more of a square shot, so you need less speed and power to get it out as there is more club behind the ball.

A great drill to develop the right release (and stop the spin) is to place your right hand on your left shoulder and try to hit it with just your left arm. It will take some practice but when you get it right you should see the difference.

This is the movement to release the club properly. Bad is hitting across the line, good equals square to the target.