Padraig Harrington – still the short-game king

When Padraig Harrington won in Portugal he had some hugely impressive stats – 96 per cent scrambling, 25 chances to get up and down, took 51 shots. Two chip-ins and a holed bunker shot. The first essential is understand that a chip is in the family of putting, a one-lever action moving from the shoulders with no wrist hinge.

Get your hands down the grip

Select a club that will loft the ball onto the first available flat area of putting green and then make it roll out. Aim the clubface to your chosen spot, hold down near the bottom of the grip (normal grip or your putting hold works), position the ball below your sternum and stand closer to the ball than for a pitch. This will help promote a putting action from the shoulders.

It’s just a lofted putt

Stand with your feet a foot apart, then withdraw your front foot directly backwards a couple of inches to make room for the followthrough. Soften your knees and ensure you have two thirds of your weight settled on your lead foot.

Now just keep as still as possible and make a putting stroke. The first key to becoming a better chipper is to strike the ball more solidly, then we can work on the correct strength and pace.