Is it time to change the PGA Championship qualification system?

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In the first PGA Championship edition of Fourball, the team discuss the field, the winner, the conditions and the live coverage

Steve: Many of the club pros in the field are finding it all a bit too much. I think it’s time to ditch the 20-man qualification from the PGA Professional Championship and change it to an Open-style system that both Tour and club pros can have a go at. Do you agree?

James: Having so many players in the field you have never heard of does cheapen the event for me. But there are still some pretty established players languishing at the bottom of the leaderboard and a few qualifiers who haven’t disgraced themselves. Is it that much different to The Open?

Alex: My belief is the four majors should be the top 100 in the world plus any former champions from the past decade not otherwise exempt. They’re the four biggest prizes in golf, and should be competed for by the best of the best. (Though I love that there are two players called Zach Johnson in the field this week.)

Dan: There is no place in a major field for anyone other than a world-class player or a past champion. Period. As PXG like to say.

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James: Anyone else missing the Sky Sports coverage?

Alex: I thought I had a cable to hook my tablet up to my TV. I do not have a cable to hook my tablet to my TV. Where is my cable to hook my tablet up to my TV? Short answer: Yes.

Dan: I like the fact that Ewen Murray is tweeting pictures of his dog, as though Sky not having the rights means it doesn’t exist. It’s a hassle because I’ve just been mantling around the back of the TV with HDMI cables and there are leads everywhere and it’s still not quite right. Ultimately, I just want to watch the golf so it doesn’t bother me too much who is on commentary and in the studio.

Steve:People don’t like change. I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV, consuming via streaming services instead, so watching through Facebook or through the Eleven Sports app hasn’t been any kind of issue for me. If you watch the featured groups coverage a lot week to week, which I do, then the PGA presentation is eminently recognisable. There have been plenty of teething problems but these are nothing to do with the pictures we are seeing on our screens.

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