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Details on the former World No 1's Major fairway finder

Anyone who watched Tiger Woods’ first round at the US Open will have seen a very sensible and effective game plan.

Off the tee, the former World No 1 rarely used a wood, instead opting for a 2-iron that he regularly dispatched over 260 yards with incredible control. Indeed, he rarely missed a fairway, and when he did he was only in the short first cut, from which generating spin is still possible.

Tiger is using a Nike VR_S Forged 3-iron, which is bent to 2-iron loft.

In order to get a more optimal flight from it, he changed from his normal shaft (in the rest of his irons he uses True Temper’s low-launching Dynamic Gold) to Project X’s new PXi – a graphite-looking steel shaft that launches higher and spins less than the Dynamic Gold. It is also eight grammes lighter in the same flex, which will help improve launch.

The question is, will Tiger’s reserved approach work through four rounds?

The early signs say yes – even though he was laying back of his playing partners on most occasions, Tiger was scoring considerably better. The 4th hole is a brilliant example.

Phil Mickelson, who was out of sorts after getting to the course with only 25 minutes to spare, bombed a driver 320 yards, while Tiger stung his 2-iron under the wind just over 250.

With 177 into the pin, Tiger crafted the most delightful punch-draw into about eight feet. Mickelson missed the green and failed to get up and down, while Tiger drained his putt.

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