Quick tip: How to maintain your angles like Tianlang Guan

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What adults can learn from the swing of the 14-year-old prodigy from China


This is illuminating in so much as how similar he is to adult players, but also how he is different due to his still developing physique.

The similarities are how well positioned his head is behind the ball as the hit is about to be delivered. Note also how well he retains his angles, spine tipped forwards in posture, knees flexed and left hip clearing, but not unduly early, as so many good young teenage players are prone to doing.


The right elbow is nicely tucked in by his hip and his right heel is just leaving the turf. The difference between Guan and older stronger players is the retention of the angles in the wrists (a later hit, if you will).

He is not physically mature enough to avoid releasing the angles in his wrists early coming down,  to create clubhead speed and square the face through impact.

  • Analysis by Gary Alliss, pro at Ladbrook Park. The ‘King of the Swing’ has twice captained the PGA Cup side. w: ladbrookparkgolf.co.uk
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