The Background

One of the biggest film stars of his day, Sean Connery was at the height of his powers, having achieved worldwide fame as Secret Agent 007, James Bond, when he caught the golfing bug.

In this image, snapped on August 29, 1962, Connery appears to be sneaking off for a round. And he’s right to be shifty – at home, wife Diane Cilento was pregnant with their son Jason, who would be born in January the following year.

The Scene

The younger Connery grew to become a film director in his own right. ‘Tommy’s Honour’, based on the true story of golfing pioneer and legend Old Tom Morris and his son, Tommy, was released in 2016.

The film tells the story of Old Tom’s relationship with his son, who showed a remarkable talent of his own and matched his father’s achievement with four Open wins. He achieved his first aged just 17, setting a record that still stands to this day.

Yet Tommy passed away on Christmas Day aged just 24, just months after his wife and baby had died during childbirth.

The Moment

Old Tom would live on until the ripe old age of 86, the same age ‘Big Tam’, as Connery is affectionately known, is today.

Morris remained in St Andrews his whole life and spent his later years honouring the memory of his son.

Talking about his aspirations for the film, the younger Connery said: “It is a story that is truly close to my heart as I grew up with my father on a golf course.

“This is an extraordinary and intimate tale of love and family at the beginning of the great game of golf.”