Denise Van Outen’s earliest golfing memory?

“Being at home with my dad watching it on TV. I’m new to the game, I only started playing about a year-and-a-half ago. I got involved after going with friends to a golf day at Stoke Park and I just fell in love with it. A friend of mine said she would get me some clubs for my 40th birthday but I had to promise that I would have lessons and I did. I stuck to it and he can’t believe I’m still playing now.”

Best golfing memory?

“Hitting the green with my tee shot on the 13th at The Grove and playing with Justin Rose.”

Worst golfing memory?

“Hitting a couple of air shots when playing with Justin Rose!”

Justin Rose

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Best part of your own game?

“Driver. My tee shots have really improved.”

Worst part of your own game?

“My short game has got worse than it was when I started because I have been concentrating on my driver. My chipping needs to improve.”

Best player you’ve played with?

“Justin Rose. He just made it look so easy”

Best advice you’ve received?

“Probably from Justin Rose about trying to relax and enjoy it because golf is supposed to be fun.”

Worst advice you’ve received?

“Hitting the bar the night before a round. I blame Brian McFadden. He said it would be fine because I’d be more relaxed…”

Brian McFadden drinking

A 300-yard drive every time or never miss a 6ft putt?

“Never miss a six-foot putt.”

Weirdest golfing dream you’ve ever had?

“I’ve never had a golfing dream. I obviously haven’t been playing long enough. I’ve had a few dreams about a few pro golfers but don’t tell my boyfriend!”

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