You know how sometimes a par 5 just isn’t long enough?
Well those Welsh wizards at Dewstow had the answer, and their Park course featured a monstrous 690-yard par 6 until the layout closed in March this year.

The 13th, called Forestry, was believed to be the only par 6 in the country, and it was definitely one where you didn’t want to scuff your ball off the tee.

And if you were susceptible to a slice, there was this sign to reassure you…


Because there’s nothing that says you should have clubbed down more than a 30-car pile up


Until it closed down in 2014, the Park course also featured a Totem Pole made out of American Redwood on the 15th, so the guys at Dewstow certainly weren’t afraid to make a statement.

It’s enough to give anyone tee box nerves, but you wonder if players who took on the challenge had quite as much success as the Challenge Tour professionals who played their first-ever par 6 at the D+D REAL Slovakia Challenge this year.

The 783-yard par 6 at Penati’s Legends course saw 26 eagles and 227 birdies, making it by far the easiest hole on the course.


This tee marker is 10m across


Unsurprisingly, there are a number of courses throughout the world who have taken on the gimmick of a par 6 hole, and in North Carolina, the 767-yarder at Farmstead Golf Links is so long it crosses two states.

But these pale in comparison to the Par-7, 1,100-yard third hole at the Gunsan Country Club in South Korea.

The 81-hole resort is a golfing theme park, with 380 acres of lakes surrounding every single hole, which are connected by 26 bridges. There’s a par 6, measuring 661m and the par 7, which measures a whopping 1,100-yards.

That’s more than a kilometre in one single hole – even Dustin Johnson would struggle to drive that green.


Is it just me or if you squint slightly and turn your head to the right, doesn’t it look like the US PGA’s Green Man…?


Those sort of numbers kind of made Dewstow’s 690-yarder small by comparison, and it may be one of the reasons which led the course to close. However, with the championship Valley lay out considered the better of the two, I’m not sure anyone misses it.


At least now we know where to go if there’s ever a drought in Wales

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