The Wisley might not be in the Augusta National league of exclusivity, but it’s still difficult to rock up for a game at this Surrey layout.

If you’re not on firm terms with a member, it’s going to be a challenge to play the three loops of nine – the Church, Garden and Mill – at this private members’ club.

So if you can’t just hand over some readies for a green fee then let’s become a member, right?

Hmm. This isn’t exactly straightforward either. For becoming a member at The Wisley means being a bit more involved than at your average club.

Here, it means owning a share.

“There are 700 shareholders in total, never anymore, never any less,” says The Wisley’s website.
“The shares can be bought from existing members who are retiring from the club.”

Needless to say, it’s not revealed how much the shares – on the rare occasions they are made available – would cost to purchase.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say they are probably more on the expensive side.

But if you’ve set your heart on joining this club, found discreetly behind the Royal Horticultural Society’s gardens about an hour outside of London, then don’t despair.

There is another way.

“Each year there are shareholders who wish to rent out the rights of their share,” The Wisley’s website continues.

“We have a 12-24 month rental membership option for those who, perhaps wish to experience the club prior to becoming a shareholder member.”

So what do you get for your hard earned? Well, a brief look at just a couple of internet reviews – from those lucky enough to have experienced the Robert Trent Jones Jnr design – will usually reveal the following words: immaculate, elegant and luxurious.

It’s perhaps not a surprise then that the club is such a firm favourite with top professional golfers and personalities.