Best mate on tour?
It would have to be Darren Clarke or Thomas Bjorn

Worst shot you’ve seen on tour?
I have seen someone’s divot land in water before the ball

If not a golfer?
Probably a greenkeeper, I did that when I left school to earn some money. I couldn’t commute

Who would you like to play you in a film?
Probably Kevin Costner, you always want someone better than yourself

One CD and a DVD for a desert island?
Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms. Ben Hogan’s Follow The Sun film which made me want to be a pro

Favourite food?
Steak or haddock, I was brought up on the latter

Anything you won’t eat?
I have an allergy to spices 

First car?
A Mini 850 in 1973, I used to drive it up to my parents in Scotland and think nothing of it. Now I wouldn’t drive north of Watford

Last time you cried?
When my mother died on Christmas Eve in 2002. She was a great woman

Most expensive purchase?
My house, it’s lovely but expensive

Best tip to deal with nerves?
I used to look at the trees and anything that was nature

Best swing tip?
Grip pressure. I used to give my pupils a tube of toothpaste and as soon as the club went back they tightened their grip. My father said hold it like it is a live robin, Monty is very light.