Ewen Murray: Dire Straits and fatted irons

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Sky Sports' Voice of Golf on why he prefers haddock to anything spicy.

Best mate on tour?
It would have to be Darren Clarke or Thomas Bjorn

Worst shot you’ve seen on tour?
I have seen someone’s divot land in water before the ball

If not a golfer?
Probably a greenkeeper, I did that when I left school to earn some money. I couldn’t commute

Who would you like to play you in a film?
Probably Kevin Costner, you always want someone better than yourself

One CD and a DVD for a desert island?
Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms. Ben Hogan’s Follow The Sun film which made me want to be a pro

Favourite food?
Steak or haddock, I was brought up on the latter

Anything you won’t eat?
I have an allergy to spices 

First car?
A Mini 850 in 1973, I used to drive it up to my parents in Scotland and think nothing of it. Now I wouldn’t drive north of Watford

Last time you cried?
When my mother died on Christmas Eve in 2002. She was a great woman

Most expensive purchase?
My house, it’s lovely but expensive

Best tip to deal with nerves?
I used to look at the trees and anything that was nature

Best swing tip?
Grip pressure. I used to give my pupils a tube of toothpaste and as soon as the club went back they tightened their grip. My father said hold it like it is a live robin, Monty is very light.

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