Staying dry and warm on the course might seem like life and death to you and me, but what seems so crucial to us is put into sobering perspective by the makers of the key ingredient in market-leading Galvin Green waterproofs.

Gore-Tex is the material in question, a ‘super substance’ which is as versatile as it is useful. This polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane was discovered by research chemist Bill Gore in the late 1950s and developed by his son Bob, who modified it into a strong, porous material.

Fabrics are just one part of W.L. Gore – and golf just a tiny part of their fabrics department. Gore develop products as diverse as electronics (PTFE is also used to seal the inner workings of car headlights) and medical devices – like the stents that widen blocked arteries to aid the function of the heart.

So their role in keeping us dry for golf rather pales into insignificance compared to their other, life-saving work.

That said, Gore treats every product with dedication; they insist on seeing how every new garment will be produced and advise on stitching and seams.

So, Galvin Green must send every new item which has Gore-Tex membrane in it to Philadelphia to have it assessed for breathability,  waterproofness, puncture and tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and windproofness in myriad tests – from the rain room (pictured) to the comfort test (from -30˚C to 40˚C) to a durability test (where garments are washed up to 500 times!).

It’s safe to say that it is this dedication and attention to detail that allows Galvin Green to make the most reliable and rain-repellent garments on the market.