Club Pros: In conversation with Jamie Cundy, from Dudley

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Dudley's head professional is in the hot seat this week

Name: Jamie Cundy

Club: Dudley

What makes a good club pro?

A good club pro engages with the membership and integrates themselves within the club. They have to be the first point of call for members and visitors. They have to be up to date with the latest in their education within the industry.


What makes a good member?

Someone that uses the facility to its full advantage and purchases their equipment from the pro shop. I am very lucky here at Dudley as the members are very supportive.


What are the best three courses in your county?

Blackwell, Droitwich and, of course, Dudley.


What is the most annoying thing about club members?

Not getting the correct advice and guidance from their professional. The PGA professional is the best at giving advice in all areas.


‘I am very lucky here at Dudley as the members are very supportive’
What is the hardest thing about being a club pro?

Working every weekend and being away from the family. I have two young children, Millie (10) and Hugo (8), and hope they will take up golf this year.


How does the weather affect your working week?

I now have a state-of-the-art indoor facility, so no more cancelled golf lessons, which is fantastic for my business. I am able to teach whatever the weather and time of day.


What is the strangest question you have been asked?

We get lots of strange questions and requests. Our most common is members asking what the weather is going to be like in seven days when they have a tee booked.


What are the best brands you work with?

As part of the TGI Golf buying group I have access to all the leading brands in golf. I have been a Ping stockist for nearly two years and I still believe they offer the best product and service in the market today.


What has been your best commercial idea?

I have been a PGA pro since 1992 and decided to update my skills. I qualified as a PGA director of golf in 2014 and was awarded PGA Fellow status the same year. It is vital to gain as many qualifications as possible to keep one step ahead.


What part of your job do you most enjoy?

I love the variety that comes with being a PGA club professional. I love coaching and have been very fortunate to coach at the last three Opens for the PGA and R&A.


What duties do you perform that members don’t realise?

I have realised over the past few years that the golf industry is changing, becoming more demanding and requiring more versatile professionals. The director of golf accreditation has enabled me to promote my ability and give confidence to my employers.

Do you wish you could play more often?

I think every club professional up and down the country would love to play more. I was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2014 so I haven’t played much over the past 12 months. But I’m looking forward to playing some golf this year, although the swing has become shorter over the years.


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