No visit to the Open is complete without bagging some branded swag. Steve Carroll went to find out what's on sale at Royal St George's

A trip to the Open is enough to send beads of sweat trickling down the face of my bank manager. Everyone knows a visit to golf’s oldest major simply isn’t complete without bagging a suitcase full of merch from the on-site shop and I never let the side down.

So let it not be said that I don’t look after you. If you are on your way to Royal St George’s this week, or if you just fancy a splurge online, I’ve already trudged my way round the superstore-sized outlet in the Open spectator village to find some diamonds for you.

Ball markers and tee pegs are a given. So let’s dive in and see what else we can find…

Is it still too painful? The sight of the cross of St George might fill you with pride – or sadness, depending on how you’re getting over England’s Euro 2020 final defeat against Italy – but the emblem is the standard for this year’s Open venue and it’s proudly emblazoned across one of many towels you can pick up. Gareth Southgate’s boys might not have been able to bring football home, but I’ll bet a few of these head off to some of your gaffs this week.

Is there a more iconic logo in golf than the Claret Jug? If you like to stand out from the crowd this Hugo Boss t-shirt will be right up your street. Not only will you be easy to spot when out on the fairways, you’ll also be visible from space.

the open

It’s probably a bit early to ask them for yardages and wind direction but you can still treat the little caddie in your life by picking up this, quite frankly, adorable bib.

the open

Only in a pandemic could something designed to prevent infection from a deadly disease also become a fashion accessory. Who knows what the future holds as far as masks are concerned – I’m sure Boris has his ideas – but as face coverings go this is definitely one of the more stylish I’ve seen. Now, where can I pick one up?

the open

Those balls don’t look regulation size to me…

Lee Wybranski is the daddy of golf art. If he’s somehow passed you by, the American designs the posters for all of golf’s major championships and I’ve – unashamedly – got several walls full of them. His latest, depicting Royal St George’s instantly recognisable starter hut set against the backdrop of the Open grandstand and the famous yellow scoreboard, is a belter. The problem is: where am I going to hang this one?

What have you already snapped up from the Open shop? Or, if you’re on you way, is there anything you’ve got your eye on? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me.

How would you like to be part of Open history?

The R&A has announced details of how you can get tickets for the historic 150th Open Championship at St Andrews in 2022. Click here to find out more.

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