It’s nice to get the odd lucky bounce or pull off the odd miraculous escape from time-to-time but let’s be honest, we’d all rather hit a proper golf shot right?

We’ve all also been on the receiving end of other people’s good fortune and when it happens in a match situation it just seems wholly unfair.

So what is the luckiest shot you’ve ever seen? It can be one of your own or that of a playing partner.

Members of the team at National Club Golfer give their stories.

James Savage (JS) – One of the luckiest shots I ever witnessed was on the 8th at Las Colinas where a playing partner pulled his drive left. It deserved to end up in the trees. Somehow it hit the cart path, bounce back onto the fairway and he ended up making birdie.

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It’s always nice to be able to escape from a hopeless position with a miraculous recovery. I remember playing a Mickelson-esque flop shot over some trees on the 9th at Headingley after hitting my approach long and right. But the fact that I’d got myself in that situation in the first place took most of the enjoyment out of it.

Dan Murphy (DM) – I do believe that certain golfers are more prone to fortunate breaks. There’s a lot to be said for revelling in the status of being someone who gets the odd piece of good fortune.

A certain member of the NCG team surpassed himself earlier this year in a grudge better ball.

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That’s the greatest knife I think i’ll ever get to witness – and it was my own” On the back nine of a tight match, JS and I were about to draw level. TL was in someone’s swimming pool and I had chipped up to three feet.

That left our nameless colleague, whose chipping was not filling anyone with confidence on the day, with a tight lie underneath some trees, short-sided and with a bunker between him and said flag.

He knifed it into the lip of the bunker, from where it popped up, landed on the top, momentarily stopped, then dropped out of the thick fringe and trickled down the hill, coming to rest a foot away from the pin. Needless to say, I missed my par attempt.

Christian Maiden (CM) – That’s the greatest knife I think i’ll ever get to witness – and it was my own.

Tom Lenton (TL) – It has to be in the final of the 2014 Headingley Foursomes

First hole, our opponent hits a fairway wood which, even his wife would admit, wasn’t his best effort.

With the ball in flight there appeared two options: a) straight into the beck or b) one bounce and into the beck.

Cue option c) of taking one bounce and ricocheting off a small bridge whose only purpose generally is to transfer players from one side of the ditch to the other.

Taking a 45 degree about-turn, it rebounds to 10 feet of the cup.

I then fatted my wedge into the beck bank, plugged. We made 5 and they made 3.

One down. Lost match. Not bitter at all.

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Tom Irwin (TI) – I have never noticed my playing partners. They could be on fire for all I care. I have a cold heart and a steely gaze when it comes to golf.

As for luck, there is no such thing. There is just life’s rich tapestry and all the many threads it weaves for us.

That said, I did once get a hole-in-one at a charity day on an un-insured hole meaning I had to waive the £10,000 prize and instead had to escort the young lady organising the event home. That was pretty unlucky.