Watch a Major on TV or play golf yourself?

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Are you more of an avid golf player or more of an armchair golf fan?

Would you miss the final round of a major to go and play golf yourself?

Let’s say it’s the final round of The Open, you’ve got the option of staying at home and watching the action unfold on your television with a few beers and some mates.

The Niggle: Do you enjoy seeing Tour players struggle?

But then you get a call from a friend asking you to make up a fourball. Let’s say the weather is good and it’s a decent course which you’ve played before.

Which would you choose?

Members of the team at National Club Golfer debate the issue…

James Savage (JS) – It’s a tough one. I’d be tempted to accept the offer of playing golf and record the final round of The Open to watch when I got in. 

In the summer months you’ve got to make the most of every opportunity you get to go out and play.

The Niggle: Does it take too long to play a round of golf?

Karl Hansell (KH) – I’d rather go and play everyday.

I’ve always been someone who would rather do something myself rather watch other people do it. Unless we’re talking about making the bed.
Ideally I would watch the final round on my own so I can also avoid the witterings and observations of my friends" You’ve got to live your own life James, this living vicariously through Jim Furyk is just never going to be as satisfying.

Plus, you can always tape the final round and watch it later.

JS – Tape? Watch it later on Betamax? I wasn’t talking about the 1986 Open Championship

Mark Townsend (MT) – Coincidentally I watched the last round of the 86 Open on VHS on the Sunday night,

Went on what would lightly be described as a ‘lads holiday’ to St Andrews so was on the train back on the Sunday.

However, I can’t relax watching golf (or any sport) when it’s not live and the last day of the Open’s too big a deal for a fourball with my mates. 

Recording the final round would mean turning off my phone, car radio and avoiding any contact with anyone – a bit like the episode in The Likely Lads – and then somehow hearing the winner.

Ideally I would watch the final round on my own so I can also avoid the witterings and observations of those same friends. 

The Niggle: Who is to blame for The Open going to Sky?

I once had the biggest row with my (now) wife after we got lost on what should have been a pleasant afternoon stroll in the Lakes on the eve of the 09 Masters. 

Missed the last boat back which meant a cross-country run across various fields.

“Nothing happens in the first two hours anyway.” Cue Mickelson, playing with Woods, going out in 30. 

On the upside I got to watch the rest of it on my own as we didn’t speak until lunchtime Monday. 
Damien Wilde (DW) – I’d watch TV, can’t be doing with watching live sports recorded. I can just about deal with highlights.

The Niggle: Do you find the Race to Dubai boring?
When you have a smartphone it’s difficult to be detached from the world, even on the golf course. Although I’m sure if you went to the golf club and watched in the clubhouse it might have some sort of atmosphere.
Although you could go at a reasonable time and then get back for the best of the action anyway – this scenario raises lots of questions!

Tom Lenton (TL) – Watch the golf, the majors only come round 4 times a year and viewing it back on Sky player doesn’t give the same buzz as you probably know who wins anyway
The Niggle: Are you bothered about watching golf on TV?

Get your own golf out the way early then get the lads round and a pizza in!

JS – You can’t have both – it was a straight choice between the two. In an ideal world we’d go and play golf in the morning and watch the golf after.

Thinking again, I’m not sure I could enjoy the golf because I’d be checking my phone too regularly to find out the scores.




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