Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

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We want to hear your tales of glory and near misses

After hearing that two players at West Lancs Golf club hit a hole-in-one on the same hole in the same fourball today… we’re asking, ‘have you ever had a hole-in-one? And if so, tell us about it.
Members of the team at National Club Golfer share their stories.
James Savage (JS) – I’ve never had a hole-in-one which is quite depressing. I’ve come close a few times. I hit it three feet on the 155-yard 16th at Mongtomerie Maxx Royal in Turkey which was about as close as I’ve come.

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I’ve actually started saying to myself on the tee on par-3s now ’this is the one’. How sad is that? 

Tom Lenton (TL) – I was playing with a friend at Staverton Park GC. I had 210 yards into a strong wind and off the right.
I hit 3-iron, it went a touch right and out of bounds. Dropped another and hit a big hook which hit the green, rolled up and in.
My friend didn’t play golf much so just thought holing a 3-iron from 210 into a gale was the norm.

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Mark Townsend (MT) – No, that doesn’t count as a hole-in-one as it was a three.
A fat 6-iron which pitched 10ft short and went in. Was more annoyed by the fat than anything" In 1987 I celebrated a hole-in-one, discovering my ball in the hole, only to find out that my dad had tapped it in when walking past. I was dawdling behind.

He laughed, I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the round which was two holes.

On the same hole in the same summer, the 16th at Wimbledon Park, my partner closed out a junior match by knocking in a 4-iron. 

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I then played my completely irrelevant 4-iron before our opposition both missed.

Will Shucksmith (WS) – For my first one…

JS – Here he is.

WS –  I was 16 and playing in Portugal at Pine Cliffs. I hit a fat 6-iron to the 168 yard hole which pitched 10ft short and went in, was more annoyed I’d fat it than anything…

For the second it was the winter medal at Alwoodley. I pronounced on the 11th tee that I fancied the look of it having just gone 3,3,3, “If I pitch this middle of the green and just past I reckon I have a chance here”, I said.  

The pin was middle left and playing about 150, wind slightly helping and off the right. I pitched it long and to the right of the pin with a slight draw, with some delayed grip and spin and the use of the slope it trundled back down the hill and in. It seemed to take an eternity! Never got close since.

Jordan Elliott (JE) – The closest I have been to a hole in one, was in my first round with team Sports Pub at Sand Moor GC, Leeds. 

It was on the 15th, where the green is tucked behind a bunker at the front of the green, I hit my tee shot right at the pin, the ball then seemingly wrapped itself around the flag and dropped. We ran to the green to find out the ball was a couple of feet from the hole.
I also nearly had a hole in one on the Par 4 6th, Pike Hills GC, York. 

I hit a high 3-wood cut right at the pin. The golfers on the adjacent fairway started jumping up and down as we walked to the green they told me that the ball was lodged between the pin and the cup and that I had a hole in one. 

Maybe they needed to go to Specsavers as the ball was an inch behind the hole. Tap in eagle though!

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Tell us you hole-in-one stories or near misses in the comments box below.

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