Best friend on tour 
I would not like to pick one in particular but I have spent a lot of time with both Niclas Fasth and Jeppe Hudahl. I also see a lot of Nick O’Hern when I am in America.

Best ball striker
Lee Westwood, without a doubt. What I like about Lee is he has a very neutral ball flight with very little shape. If it does shape it is only a slight fade and he does not have a hook in there. It is just lovely to watch.

Best player never to win a Major Lee Westwood without a shadow of a doubt.

Funniest on tour That’s a really tough question. Paul Lawrie.

Biggest tinkerer Fasth used to be massive. He is not as much nowadays but I remember him at the Spanish Open in 2006. He was leading after three rounds and came to me the night before the final round on the practice range to take a look at my grip. He was about to win the tournament but was still thinking about changing his grip. Not sure if he changed but he won!

Last book you read I am currently reading a Bill Bryson book about travelling and I am loving it.

Play one course for the rest of your life Le Golf National in Paris. The design is so good every shot keeps you on your toes. If the wind changes the course changes. Probably the best layout I have ever seen.

Favourite drink I’m a big fan of lager but I also get through more than my fair share of cola!
Most expensive purchase? I was stupid enough about a year-and-a-half ago to buy a Bentley Continental GT that cost £60,000. Most expensive purchase 
I was stupid enough about a year-and-a-half ago to buy a Bentley Continental GT that cost £60,000. It was three or four years old and I would not do that again.

Last time you cried 
At sports day with my kids. He was struggling a bit and it was overwhelming. It’s the whole thing with kids – part of it is joy and the rest is just overwhelming.

First car 
A Volkswagen Polo, 1.6. It cost me £16,000. I played my first eight months on tour without a car and had to get on the train with my clubs on my back!

Most under-rated player 
That’s a good question. I hear a lot of people think Martin Kaymer does not get enough credit and I agree. He does his thing quietly and some other guys at his level make a bit more noise. 

Top tip for amateurs 
The thing I see mostly with amateurs is players aiming left and swinging across the ball, slicing it. What I get them to do is aim right and roll the arms, almost like a cross-court forehand in tennis. I am confident I could get most players under, say, a 20 handicap to hit a nice draw quite easily with this idea.

Proudest moment of your life 
In golf terms, it was when I won the Volvo Masters in 2008 and my son ran on. Outside golf it is simply being a father – you get so many special moments.

Three CDs for a desert island 
Not sure about the actual albums but I know which artists I’d choose. First up would be Run DMC as they got me into rap. I would also take a Cypress Hill album and a bit of Snoop Dogg to lighten it up a bit.

Dream fourball 
Billy Connolly, Robin Williams, and, if I could wake him from the other side, Richard Pryor. If Richard could not make it I would ask Eddie Izzard to make up the four.

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