We’ve had a massive response to the recent announcement of one of our local clubs allowing Jeans in the clubhouse.

It’s clear that this is something that divides the clubhouse and golfers throughout the land.

We’ve compiled a list of your best ‘5 FOR’ arguments and ‘5 AGAINST’ arguments, so you can make your own mind up who has won…


Andy Hiseman said on 25 February 2015:
“Who the hell are we kidding? 

Golf is fighting a losing battle against a fast-changing 21st century society, and we can either all agree to get smaller whilst “keeping our traditions”, or we can start expanding again by recognising that The World Is Changing. 

Turn up and PLAY I say! 

And although I may look a bit scruffy today, I presume my twenty quid note is still welcome at your club, Sir?

Sorry, but I’m now convinced of this – dress codes at most golf clubs are pure nonsense.”

Peter Banks said on 25 February 2015
“Why in the 21st century is this still an issue?

Maybe Golf (as an industry) ought to ask itself whether this sort of outdated, fastidious nonsense is one reason why it is dying as a sport, while other sports are growing. 

I went to a local (near Leeds) golf club the other day, and there was a sign on the first tee. 

There were five messages on the sign, four of them were about the dress code and mobile phones. The fifth (and last one) was about members times. Is there any wonder that golf is seen as a snooty, unwelcoming, pompous sport?”

John Wilson said on 26 February 2015
“What planet are you anti denim people on? 

Frankly, I wear jeans almost every day and I run my own business so I wear them to board meeting and to visit customers. I was in the British Embassy in Tokyo last year and wore them to meetings. I have worn them in very, very expensive restaurants around the world but….not in your clubhouse! 

Why would I even want to play golf with people like you? You are killing a great game! My son ( 25 years old ) has given up and refuses to play now and he is a decent player +4 because he can’t abide the people he encounters. 

His skin is not quite as thick as mine.”

Jerry Kilby said on 26 February 2015
“Of course jeans should be allowed on the course and in the clubhouse. To can them is discriminatory against a particular type of cloth – that’s all!!

Golf clubs holding on to denim bans are just in denial about changes in fashion. 

There was a time, perhaps 50 years ago or more, when denim was the cloth worn by the working man and the golf club was restricted to the upper classes, but now, the upper classes wear denim and golf clubs are open to all.

Regulate behaviour on the golf course and in the clubhouse, not fashion.”

Libbaton Golf Club said on 27 February 2015
“Here at Libbaton we have allowed jeans in the Clubhouse for a couple of years now as long as they are not shredded or showing underpants! – the dress code is smart casual.

Our receptionists wear dark grey, dark blue or black jeans with club sweaters and look very smart.

Out on the course we don’t have any form of faded blue denim and we suggest that players wear a shirt/top with a collar.

This arrangement seems to have worked very well for us ,keeping both golfers, visitors and non-golfers who are just using the Clubhouse bar and restaurant, happy.”


J. Martin Johnson said on 25 February 2015
“Jeans should NOT be allowed in the clubhouse or on a golf course! 

There are numerous other sports and their venues where Jeans can be worn, so if you must wear them, do so there, but never for golf.

As a Brit now living in the US I cringe each time I see a golfer wearing them at a golf course. 

Tradition is to be cherished, not cast aside by a bunch of chip eating golfers!”

Ray Ward said on 25 February 2015
“Should jeans be allowed in the Clubhouse?

Definitely not.

The Club has good standards generally and some such as this should be maintained.

I cannot understand how people who want to lower standards such as this got into the Club in the first place!! A sign of a lack of common decency and upbringing in my opinion.”

Dave Amos said on 25 February 2015
“Absolutely not, have to maintain some standards of dress, what numpty wears jeans on the golf course anyway. 

Probably the worst thing to have on if you are caught in the rain, then what you going to wear in the clubhouse while they dry off ????”

Terence Williamson said on 25 February 2015
“No I would not like to see Jeans in the clubhouse or on the course I’m no fuddy duddy but come on lets have some etiquette feel smart play smart.”
What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and your comments could be featured in our ‘Great Golfing Debate’ series!

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