Callaway are famous for producing some of the finest drivers on tour. Here is the pick of the bunch

Callaway are well known for producing some of the highest-performing drivers in the game due to their ground breaking new technologies.

For the past 30 years, Callaway have produced many iconic iterations of the driver, starting out with the world-famous Big Bertha and now with the latest Rogue ST drivers.

Their line-up of models this year have everything on offer: forgiveness, distance, explosive ball speeds and high launch angles.

This season Callaway drivers were the most played on tour, used by the likes of Jon Rahm, Sam BurnsTaylor Gooch and Xander Schauffele.

So let’s take a look at our favourite Callaway drivers on the market for the 2022 season. Our line-up includes brand-new and older models. Each driver has been tested by one of our review team. If you want to take a deeper dive into any model, you can find the full review at the end of each section.

Best Callaway Drivers 2022

Best Callaway Drivers 2022
Callaway Rogue ST Max driver
Best Callaway Drivers 2022

Callaway have nailed it with this driver. It’s long, forgiving, and looks great behind the ball. The large footprint makes you feel like you can’t miss the sweet spot.

This is perfect for golfers who are looking for the best performance out of the club whilst maintaining forgiveness. This driver is designed to launch the ball high with a slight draw bias making it ideal for the average club player.


  • Long
  • Consistent ball speeds across the face
  • Sounds brilliant


  • A slight draw bias doesn’t suit all players

Best Callaway Drivers 2022
Callaway Rogue ST Max D driver
Best Callaway Drivers 2022

The Callaway Rogue ST Max D driver is draw-biased, but subtly in a way that doesn’t shout, ‘I need some help with my slice’, which I like.

The head has a larger profile than the standard Max model which makes you feel like the face is huge and you don’t need a perfect swing to get the ball in play.

This is perfect for golfers who are looking for the best performance out of the club but need help stopping the ball from curving so much offline. It has a great sound and performs well on off-centre strikes.


  • Long on centre hits
  • Even the worst strikes had a reasonable outcome
  • The muted sound is brilliant


  • A slight draw bias doesn’t suit all players

Best Callaway Drivers 2022
Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS driver
Best Callaway Drivers 2022

The Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS is designed specifically for high club head speed players, and consistent ball strikers. If you’re after distance you are in luck, you can hit exceptionally long balls on a centred strike with this.

However it is not the club if you are looking for more forgiveness or to cure a slice.

Overall a very powerful driver that will leave you satisfied after a good hit.


  • Feels powerful on a centred strike
  • Neutral to fade biased to stop hooks
  • Solid in the wind with low spin design


  • 450cc head looks intimidating

Best Callaway Drivers 2022
Callaway Mavrik driver
Best Callaway Drivers 2022

The Mavrik driver has that classic Callaway and looks great behind the ball. It boasts great ball speed on strikes all across the face and still performs very competitively in the distance race.

The ball doesn’t feel like it’s springing off the face as quickly as other Callaway drivers and does spin more, but brilliant for players who are looking to keep the ball in play more with off-centre strikes.


  • Sits beautifully behind the ball
  • Has that can’t miss feel off the face
  • Sounds fantastic


  • Higher spin is not ideal for a player looking for all-out distance

Best Callaway Drivers 2022
Callaway Epic Max driver
Best Callaway Drivers 2022

This is part of Callaway’s Epic Flash range. It is a brilliant driver for players who often miss-hit the ball and are looking for some assistance keeping it in play. The Epic Max driver has a large footprint making the head feel massive behind the ball.


  • Very adjustable
  • Good ball speed from all strike locations
  • Low draw-biased CG makes it easy to hit high and straight


  • Not the longest Callaway driver available

The Best Callaway Drivers 2022

How do we test drivers?

At National Club Golfer we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and make sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each club performs.

Each driver is hit with Pro V1 golf balls to allow us to collect launch monitor data with our in-house TrackMan and Flightscope. After this it is time to head out onto the golf course and test the clubs in practice and competition play. We do this across a variety of golf clubs in our base of Yorkshire.

What is important when buying a new driver?

When buying a new driver it is important to know what you want from that club to help you improve.

Most people are looking for more distance, each driver model is optimised for different things. Depending on your swing and your impact conditions, you may not actually hit the model that is advertised as the longest, the furthest. So if you want more distance it is always worth giving different models a hit before you make a decision.

For most golfers, especially high handicappers, something that is more forgiving is going to yield the best performance. Most forgiving golf drivers have a slightly bigger club head with perimeter weighting for high MOI. They also have a center of gravity that is further back to help players get more height on their shots.

Do you want something that is draw bias? There are so many models out there to help with slice correction, it would be silly not to take a look if you see your ball disappearing into the right trees too often. A closed face and draw bias weighting can get you hitting straighter shots in no time at all.

Don’t forget about the shaft either. Getting the correct shaft can help dial in your spin, launch angle and can also give you some extra distance. Having a club fitting or trying different options with your local pro can really improve the performance of your new driver.

The Best Callaway Drivers 2022: FAQ’s

What is the latest Callaway driver?

The Rogue ST line from Callaway includes all their latest driver models. There are three options available, the Rogue ST Max is the most forgiving model, and has the highest MOI. The Rogue ST Max D is a draw-bias offering aimed at higher handicappers who are looking to tame a slice. Finally, the Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS is Callaway’s low-spin offering for high-swing speed players.

What’s different in the latest Callaway drivers?

The main new technology for 2022 can be seen right on the back of the club head. That pop of gold colour is actually a tungsten speed cartridge.

Best Callaway Drivers 2022

This is a heavy weight which sits low and back in the driver head to increase perimeter weighting. This pulls the centre of gravity back and increases MOI. The result of this is a more forgiving driver and more speed on off-centre hits. The size of this weight varies across all four models to dial in the driver for different players needs.

The Jailbreak Speed Frame has been updated with a new shape to give more stability horizontally across the clubhead. Stiffening the clubhead in this way allows the face to flex more, which creates more ball speed. The new smaller shape is lighter than before, allowing weight to be saved and used elsewhere.

The titanium clubhead and triaxial carbon crown are held together via the new unibody construction. This is a one-piece structure which is much more weight efficient as it doesn’t require welding. This means Callaway can be much more precise with weighting and CoG placement.

Again artificial intelligence has been used to optimise performance, this year Callaway have honed in on spin and launch to the AI process. The result is a lower-spinning driver which also adds forgiveness.

What Callaway drivers do the pros use?

Callaway’s Tour players use a wide variety of their driver offerings. The Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS is one of the favourites on the PGA and DP World Tour which isn’t surprising given the club head speed of these players. Jon Rahm, Guido Migliozzi and Danny Willett all have this model in play.

Some players opt for a club with more forgiveness, Sam Burns has the same Callaway Rogue ST Max driver in play as many club golfers.

There are also some tour players who opt to stay with older models as they like the trusty feel and performance. Kevin Kisner still has a Callaway Great Big Bertha driver in play and Georgia Hall refuses to be parted from her Callaway GBB Epic driver.

Jack Backhouse

Jack is a PGA Golf Professional who specialises in coaching. He also loves his golf equipment and getting into the data of the latest clubs on the market. Jack has quickly become a go-to for expertise on a wide range of golf products but specialises in reviewing hardware. If you are looking for some new golf clubs make sure you have checked out his latest driver, fairway wood or iron reviews. He previously worked in wealth management, all of this means that number crunching and launch monitors are his favourite thing in the world. Jack is a member at Sandmoor Golf Club and regularly gets out on the golf course to maintain his scratch handicap.

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