The 10 scariest hairstyles of Ian James Poulter

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It's Friday the 13th and I think you'll agree there have been some howlers over the years

Ian Poulter has certainly brought some colour and style (debatable) to the world of golf.

The Englishman has always paid a lot of attention to how he looks and none more so than his barnet.

So to celebrate Friday the 13th we’ve picked out 10 of the scariest hairstyles sported by Poulter on and off the golf course over the past 15 years.

Warning: Some readers may find the following offensive…

1. The failed centre parting


We’ve all been there. It’s not quite long enough to do anything with it but we go for the centre parting anyway. In fairness, this is about as normal as it gets…

2. The trailer park


It may have just been the wind forcing it into the upright position so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. We’re more concerned about the sideburns. There’s no way he can look back on this effort with any pride.

3. Put the cap back on, quick 


We can only assume that is what Justin Rose is saying as he offers to console Poulter on his latest follicle experiment. You aint seen nothing yet.

4. The bleached porcupine mullet


Nope, that’s a first…and for very good reason. You may get away with the peroxide and won’t be the first to have gone a bit spiky on top but there’s absolutely no need for neck-warming mane at the rear. Go home Ian, you’re drunk.

5. What the…


I take it back. Bring back the mullet. What on earth would you say to a hairdresser to come away looking like this? I think you’d have to seriously offend them and their entire family.

6. Fancy dress


I know what he’s asked for here. ‘Can you make me look like the devil?’ We can even see the unwelcome return of some dodgy facial hair. If this action was undertaken in preparation for a Halloween party we’d be more forgiving. 

7. We can still see it Ian


You can hide your face all you want – there’s still seven inches of hair sticking up above the visor. We can only assume he’s fallen out with the barber by this stage and is simply letting nature take it’s course.

8. Didn’t think this through


There’s nothing worse for a new ‘do’ then shoving it under a hat for five hours. When it comes to shaking hands at the end of the round it’s golfing etiquette to remove the cap. On this occasion I think he would have been let off for keeping it on.

9. The red Tin-Tin


Everyone was really quick to copy this one. By everyone, we mean no one – ever. In true Poulter style he’s taken a bad look and and made it his own. By his own we mean worse, a lot worse.

10. But it could be even worse…


In a world exclusive, the ever-maturing Poulter gets photographed alongside someone with worse hair than him. And he can’t wait to let Miguel know about it.

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