TaylorMade’s new RocketBallz (RBZ) range is designed to deliver dramatically higher ball speeds to promote added distance.

It gained its distinctive name after tour players who tested the prototypes commented on how fast the ball launched off the face compared to older models.

“I brought the prototype out to some players and Dustin Johnson was the first one to test it,” said Todd Chew, tour product specialist. “He’s unbelievably long, as we all know, but he was just blown away by how far the rescue was going. Dustin said a couple of times: ‘It’s like a rocket.’”

After this the research and design team etched ‘RocketBallz’ on to further prototypes and although these went on to become more stylish and efficient, the name stuck for good.

TaylorMade now believe they have made the first significant fairway wood innovation in relation to COR and ball speed since the introduction of steel construction in the 1980s.

They hold the technology in such a high esteem that they decided to apply it to the whole range, which includes standard and tour drivers, fairways, rescues and an iron set
"TaylorMade robot testing, based on a swing creating 150mph ball speed, showed that the RocketBallz fairway out-hit the 2011 Burner by 17-yards." The RocketBallz drivers, available in standard and tour models, combine the new technology with adjustability to allow golfers to alter the performance angles – face angle, loft and lie – to one of eight settings.

These settings allow a range of launch conditions that promote up to 60 yards of side-to-side trajectory adjustment.

The drivers will retail at £249 for the standard and £329 for the tour.

Sean Toulon, executive vice president of TaylorMade Golf, said: “From a technology standpoint, we have done the unthinkable.

“We brought in metalwood engineers to help create irons with faces that behave like drivers, sending the ball easily high and far almost as if it was bounced off a trampoline. These technological advancements will be visible to the golfer upon first contact with a ball.”

A set will retail at around £549 (steel) and £649 (graphite).

The RocketBallz white fairway woods and hybrids are equally as revolutionary. After years in the making the new range “represents a game-changing breakthrough in performance comparable to few products in the history of our industry,” said Toulon.

The fairways are expected to sell at £179, with the hybrids £139.

Visit www.taylormadegolf.eu for more information.