Most manufacturers consider it a success when a new product offers even a yard of extra distance against its predecessor.

But TaylorMade are claiming that their new white-headed fairway wood – the RocketBallz (RBZ) – can offer some players 17 yards* against the Burner SuperFast 2.0 that it replaces.

That’s an incredibly bold claim, but the technology packed into the head makes it a believable one.
It is no secret that the fairway wood market has been stale for a while, but TaylorMade say they have made the biggest innovation in recent memory.

Indeed, they claim to have made the first ever steel fairway wood that reaches the ball speed limit set by the game’s governing bodies.

TaylorMade have achieved this by creating a deep face with a forward centre of gravity location.

This, along with a combination of Pull-Face construction and a high-strength alloy face, creates an exceptionally large hitting area for more forgiveness on mis-hits.

What generates the most ball speed, though, is the Speed Pocket – a channel chiseled out of the sole that makes the face behave more like a trampoline.

TaylorMade’s Sean Toulon said: “The RocketBallz fairway woods represent a game-changing breakthrough in performance comparable to few products in the history of our industry.”


SRP: £179 (smaller-headed Tour version £249)
LOFTS: 15, 17, 19, 21 & 24° (Tour 13, 14.5 & 18°)
OUT: February 3rd 2012
WEIGHT: 315g  LH? Yes
t: 08000 728 624

*Based on swings generating 150mph of ball speed