How do the TaylorMade P760 irons compare to the P790?

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Which model will suit your game? It comes down to your ability as well as your aspirations, writes equipment editor James Savage

TaylorMade P760 vs P790 irons: The results

When I first tested the P790 irons I thought they were right on the money and have been recommending them highly to everyone.

TaylorMade P760 vs. P790 irons

And when I went for a TaylorMade P760 irons fitting it was hard for me to make a case for the P760 over the P790 looking at the launch monitor numbers.

But only if I was looking at distance.

And when I tested theses two irons head-to-head at Leicester Golf Centre’s Toptracer facility the picture became even clearer.

TaylorMade P760 vs. P790 irons

I spent a lot of time playing the Toptracer nearest the pin game with both these irons. The target was 150 yards.

The front to back dispersion with the P790 was much wider than with the P760.

TaylorMade P760 vs. P790 irons

An pure strike out the middle with the P790 just flew over the back of the green. The P760 seemed to be much tighter and more accurate.

From the launch monitor numbers you can see that the P790 7-iron is 10 yards longer than the P760…

TaylorMade P760 vs. P790 irons

But my fear is that I’m going to see the gaps tightening as I go up into the longer irons.

If I’m hitting the P790 7-iron 165, I need to hit the 5-iron 185 consistently, not just every once in a while.

I’d rather hit my 7-iron 155 and have consistent gaps with my next two clubs.

So which model is right for you? Find out on the next page…

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