What’s the philosophy behind the M1?

It’s about distance and forgiveness. We’re going after performance and for a lot of golfers that might mean different things.

For some it might be distance, for others it might be reducing their slice.

We’re going after better performance for all golfers


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What makes the M1 different?

Straight away you can see it’s uniquely different.

With the T-Track system you can get pretty much whatever you want. If you’re after a high draw, shift one weight back and one towards the heel. There’s a lot of adjustability to personalise it to your golf swing. It’s very special and very intuitive.”

Are we reaching the ceiling in terms of distance?

Distance is always a focus for us. Are there ways to get more distance? Absolutely yes. Did people think we couldn’t get more distance before the M1, yes. We’ve been able to say that every year. We’ve got a dedicated team who find those doors and crash through those doors to create more distance and an improved flight.”

It certainly catches the eye. Tell us more about the aesthetics 

“Performance is number one for us but form and and function are equally important. The way a product looks and feels is massively important to it being successful.”

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Who is the M1 aimed at? Tour players? Club golfers? or both?

The M1 can inspire almost every golfer to get off the couch and go out and try it. Because of it’s customisation, it’s really for everybody.

How important is Tour pro feedback?

“If we can’t make a product that’s better for them then we can’t make one that’s better for anybody.

“They are like test pilots for us, we’re out there working with them all the time. With the M1 they were surprised a little but at the extra ball speeds. In the 15 years I’ve been at the company that was probably the most satisfying thing to see the player reactions.”

For more on the TaylorMade M1 range click here

How do you make the number one driver in golf better?

That’s our challenge. Every year we have to improve. We have to beat this product next year. That’s what the TaylorMade team live and breathe every day. It’s like trying to be a better golfer. When you get to a 2 handicap getting to 0 is extremely hard but you do everything you can.”