TaylorMade driver fitting: Low handicapper

Name: Kris Jones
Handicap: Scratch
Golf Club: Ludlow

TaylorMade Custom Fitting

Before the fitting

Kris has been custom fit before but not for at least a decade.

“I class myself as a feel golfer, I’ve always bought clubs based on the custom fitting I had 10 years ago.”

“For me it is about my misses, I’ve played predominately from right to left for 15 years now, I just want to make sure it’s coming back.”

What the fitter had to say

“Kris’s fitting shows the importance of all types of golfers getting custom fit. One of the first words that Kris said to me was he doesn’t like a driver that looks open at address. He was actually playing a driver that was four degrees open.

“First we tested the M5 460 and we ended up in a 9-degree head. His numbers backed everything up, his launch was a little bit higher but the spin was a little bit less. So ultimately he was hitting more fairways and he wasn’t seeing the right-hand side of the golf course anywhere near as much.

“But his distance was up 7-8 yards, his ball speed was up 3mph on average, one in particular was up to 4mph, which we are seeing and hope to continue seeing with the products this year.

“It varies golfer to golfer; you’ll get a golfer who just wants to pick up distance. But with Kris it’s not that he needs the extra distance, for him it was very much consistency and dispersion of where his shots were finishing.”

After the fitting

On average Kris gained 3.8 yards in carry, which led to 11.4 yards gain in overall distance.

“It wasn’t a case of me changing the swing or anything like that, I almost felt myself swinging easier because the club was doing all the work for me and I’ve gained 10 yards extra distance which is exactly what you need.

“I’m one of those people who think do drivers need to come out [of the bag] that often? Do irons need to be changed that often? But seeing today the technology that goes into everything and all the different options that you have, if you aren’t custom fitting yourself and if you aren’t going to these places and getting the benefits from it you are missing out.

“It’s a perfect opportunity for golfers of all standards to improve, see what they’ve got whether it’s right for them and see whether they can improve without actually having to change their swing. The technology is there; there is a club for everybody.”

TaylorMade Custom Fitting

What Kris was fit into

TaylorMade M5 (10.5°, Proforce V2 7 F5, Adjustable Weight set to draw, FCT set one click lower)

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