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Mobile golf swing analysis on your phone or tablet

The Swingbyte is your very own miniature launch monitor. You can attach it to any club in your bag and it will capture valuable swing data and 3D imagery. You can then analyse the results in real time on your smartphone, which you can pair it with via Bluetooth.

Key data it can capture includes: clubhead speed and acceleration throughout the swing, your club’s true plane from address to impact, clubface angle relative to swing path, static and dynamic loft and lie at address and impact, angle of attack, club path and tempo.

You can then review and share your data online with your pro and on Facebook.

There are a few video links online showing its use and benefits.

Please visit the UK website ( or the main American website ( for more information on Swingbyte. 

"The Swingbyte is your very own miniature launch monitor" KEY FEATURES

• Attach Swingbyte easily to any club
Fits any club, driver through putter. Pairs to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth Weighs less than one ounce Recharges via USB port

• Record your swings via Bluetooth
Tap ‘Add Swings’ and swing away! Swingbyte will automatically record individual swings for you to review in real-time or later on

• Analyse your swing in real-time
Swingbyte displays:
– A full 360˚ view of your swing
– Clubhead speed and acceleration
– Your club’s true plane from address to impact
– Clubface angle relative to swing path
– Static and dynamic loft and lie at address and impact
– Angle of attack and clubpath
– Swing tempo

• Improve faster with online analytics
– Share swing data with your pro and on Facebook 
– Advanced analytics
– Full swing history, trends and development areas
– Video instruction and tour data

SRP: £129

To order: 07774 783 835

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